IMPEP Team Member Materials: Technical Quality of Licensing Actions

NMSS State Agreement Procedure SA-104, "Reviewing the Common Performance Indicator, Technical Quality of Licensing Actions

Licensing Casework Summary Sheet

NUREG-1556, "Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses" (Volumes 1 - 21)

  1. Portable Gauges
  2. Industrial Radiography
  3. Applications for Sealed Source and Device Evaluation and Registration
  4. Fixed Gauges
  5. Self-Shielded Irradiators
  6. 10 CFR Part 36 Irradiators
  7. Academic, Research and Development, and other Licenses of Limited Scope, Including Electron Capture Devices and X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers
  8. Exempt Distribution
  9. Medical Use
  10. Master Materials Licenses
  11. Licenses of Broad Scope
  12. Possession for Manufacturing and Distribution
  13. Commercial Radiopharmacy
  14. Well Logging, Tracer, and Field Flood Study
  15. Changes of Control and About Bankruptcy Involving Byproduct, Source, or Special Nuclear Materials
  16. Distribution to General Licensees
  17. Special Nuclear Material of Less than Critical Mass
  18. Service Providers
  19.  Agreement State Licensees - NRC Form 241
  20. Administrative Licensing Procedures
  21. Possession Licenses for Production of Radioactive Material Using an Accelerator

Medical Uses Licensee Toolbox. Find key information
easily, including announcements, information for patients administered radioactive
iodine (I-131), guidance on emerging technologies and 35.1000 uses, regulatory issue summaries of
interest to medical use licensees.

NUREG/BR-0334, "Materials Inspection & Licensing Handbook"

Examples of Less Than Satisfactory Findings of Program Performance for Technical Quality of Licensing Actions

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