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West Valley for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing

West Valley, New York
Photograph of the West Valley Waste Incidental to Reprocessing Facility in West Valley, New York

Operator: U.S. Department of Energy
Docket Number: 0500201, POOM-032

General Description of West Valley Site for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing

The West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) is located in western New York State, about 50 km (30 miles) south of Buffalo, New York. The WVDP facilities occupy a security-fenced area of about 0.676 km2 (167 acres) within the 13.51 km2 (3,338 acre) Western New York Nuclear Service Center (WNYNSC) located primarily in the town of Ashford in northern Cattaraugus County.

To date, the West Valley site in West Valley, New York is the first and only commercial reprocessing plant to operate in the United States. From 1966 to 1972, Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) reprocessed 640 metric tons of spent fuel under an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) license. Approximately four years after shutting down, NFS returned control of the facilities to the site owner, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Operations at the facility resulted in approximately 2.3 million liters (600,000 gallons) of liquid high-level waste (HLW) which was stored below ground in carbon-steel tanks, as well as other radioactive wastes, and residual radioactive contamination.

In terms of WIR, NRC's role is to provide consultative review to DOE of DOE documents evaluating components of the facility being proposed for disposal as low-level waste offsite. Those reviews are performed at the request of DOE under an Interagency Agreement.

Site Information Contacts
  • Lead Project Manager: Harry Felsher
    (301) 415-6559
  • Technical Project Manager: Leah Parks
    (301) 415-6043
  • Public Affairs Officer: David McIntyre
    (301) 415-8206
  • Office Director: Catherine Haney
    (301) 287-9243
  • Division Director: Larry Camper
    (301) 415-6673
  • Deputy Director: Andrew Persinko
    (301) 415-7479
  • Branch Chief: Gregory Suber
    (301) 415-8087
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