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Idaho National Laboratory for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing

Butte County, Idaho
Photograph of the Idaho National Laboratory in Butte County, Idaho

Operator: U.S. Department of Energy
Docket Number: PROJ0735

Tank Description: Eleven 300,000 gal stainless steel tanks and four 30,000 gallon stainless steel tanks
Waste Volume: Seven 300,000 gal tanks, four 30,000 gal tanks

General Description of Idaho National Laboratory for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing

The Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC) Tank Farm Facility (TFF) is located on the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site. The INL is an approximately 890 mi2 {2,305 km2} reservation owned by the United States government and located in southeastern Idaho. Tank cleaning began in 2002, and the final TFF closure is planned for some future time. To date, seven of the 1,000-m3 [300,000-gal] tanks, the four 100-m3 [30,000-gal] tanks, and associated ancillary equipment has been cleaned. The remaining approximately 3,000 m3 (900,000 gal) are stored in three 1,000-m3 [300,000-gal] tanks. Additionally, one 1,000-m3 [300,000-gal] tank is maintained as a spare and has only a few hundred gallons of waste. U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho Operations Office (DOE Idaho) assumes that the same degree of radionuclide removal will be achieved in the remaining four tanks as that achieved in the seven tanks that have been cleaned. After cleaning activities are completed for all of the tanks and ancillary equipment in the TFF, DOE Idaho plans to stabilize the TFF by filling the tank system with grout for final closure.

Site Information Contacts
  • Lead Project Manager: Maurice Heath
    (301) 415-3137
  • Technical Project Manager: Cynthia Barr
    (301) 415-4015
  • Public Affairs Officer: David McIntyre
    (301) 415-8206
  • Office Director: Marc Dapas
    (301) 415-0595
  • Division Director: John Tappert
    (301) 415-7319
  • Deputy Director: Andrea Kock
    (301) 415-2368
  • Branch Chief: Gregory Suber
    (301) 415-8087
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