Rulemaking Dockets for 2013

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Docket ID RIN Title
NRC-2013-0276 3150-AJ32 Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for FY 2014
NRC-2013-0269 3150-AJ30 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks – Transnuclear, Inc. Standardized NUHOMS HD Horizontal Modular Storage System, Amendment 2
NRC-2013-0236 3150-AJ28 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks – Transnuclear, Inc., Standardized NUHOMS System, Amendment 13
NRC-2013-0132 3150-AJ27 Amendments to the Deliberate Misconduct Rule
NRC-2013-0082 3150-AI11 Establishing Quality Assurance Programs for Packaging Used in Transport of Radioactive Material
NRC-2013-0075 3150-AJ26 BWR Mark I and II Containment Filtering Strategies with Drywell Filtration and Severe Accident Management
NRC-2013-0072 3150-AJ25 Inflation Adjustments to the Price Anderson Act
NRC-2013-0050 3150-AJ24 Potential Changes to Interlocutory Appeals Process for Adjudicatory Decisions
NRC-2013-0019 3150-AJ23 Miscellaneous Corrections

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