Rulemaking Dockets for 2012

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Docket ID RIN Title
NRC-2012-0308 3150-AJ22 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks – MAGNASTOR System, Revision 3
NRC-2012-0246 3150-AJ20 Consideration of Environmental Impacts on Temporary Storage of Spent Fuel After Cessation of Reactor Operation
NRC-2012-0211 3150-AJ19 Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for FY 2013
NRC-2012-0140 3150-AJ18 SGI-M Categorization Change for Materials Facilities
NRC-2012-0092 3150-AJ16 Miscellaneous Administrative Changes
NRC-2012-0079 3150-AJ15 Part 26 Drug and Alcohol Testing; Technical Issues and Editorial Changes
NRC-2012-0062 3150-AJ14 Receipts-Based Small Business Size Standard
NRC-2012-0059 3150-AJ13 Incorporation by Reference of Revisions of ASME Regulatory Guides
NRC-2012-0052 3150-AJ12 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks – Holtec International HI-STORM 100 Cask System, Revision 9
NRC-2012-0031 3150-AJ11 Onsite Emergency Response Capabilities
NRC-2012-0020 3150-AJ10 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks – Transnuclear, Inc., Standardized NUHOMS System, Revision 11
NRC-2012-0012 3150-AJ09 Clarifying Requirements in Part 21, "Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance"