Rulemaking Dockets for 2002

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Docket ID RIN Title
NRC-2002-0031 3150-AH11 Minor Errors in Regulatory Text; Correction
NRC-2002-0030 3150-AH05 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: VSC-24 Revision
NRC-2002-0029 3150-AH01 NRC PDR Address Change & Corrections to Information Collection Provisions
NRC-2002-0028 3150-AH02 Federal Advisory Committee Act Regulations
NRC-2002-0027 3150-AG79 Revised Filing Requirements
NRC-2002-0026 3150-AF74 Medical Use of Byproduct Material
NRC-2002-0025 3150-AG96 Salary Offset Procedures for Collecting Debts Owed by Federal Employees to the Federal Government
NRC-2002-0024 3150-AG94 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: NAC-MPC Revision
NRC-2002-0017 3150-AG48 Voluntary Fire Protection Requirements for Light-Water Reactors; Adoption of NFPA 805 as a Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Alternative
NRC-2002-0016 3150-AG91 Specification of a Probability for Unlikely Features, Events and Processes>
NRC-2002-0015 3150-AG85 Financial Assurance Amendments for Materials Licensees
NRC-2002-0014 3150-AF61 Electronic Maintenance and Submission of Information
NRC-2002-0013 3150-AG64 Transfers of Certain Source Materials by Specific Licensees
NRC-2002-0012 3150-AG90 Event Notification Requirements
NRC-2002-0011 3150-AG76 Combustible Gas Control in Containment
NRC-2002-0010 3150-AH03 Cost Recovery for Contested Hearings Involving U. S. National Security Initiatives
NRC-2002-0009 3150-AG93 Geological and Seismological Characteristics for Siting and Design of Dry Cask Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations and Monitored Retrievable Storage Installations
NRC-2002-0008 3150-AG84 Financial Information Requirements for Applications to Renew or Extend the Term of an Operating License for a Power Reactor
NRC-2002-0007 none Rulemaking Communications Improvements
NRC-2002-0006 3150-AG71 Compatibility with IAEA Transportation Safety Standards (TSR-1) and other Transportation Safety Amendments
NRC-2002-0005 3150-AG95 Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for FY 2002
NRC-2002-0004 3150-AG97 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: HI-STORM 100 Revision
NRC-2002-0003 3150-AG86 Incorporation by Reference of ASME BPV and OM Code Cases
NRC-2002-0002 3150-AF12 Fitness-for-Duty Program
NRC-2002-0001 3150-AG74 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: Standardized Advanced NUHOMS-24PT1 Addition