Rulemaking Dockets for 2004

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Docket ID RIN Title
NRC-2004-0018 3150-AH36 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: Standardized NUHOMS-24P, -52B, -61BT, -24PHB and -32PT, Revision
NRC-2004-0017 3150-AH58 Minor Correction Amendments for FY 2004
NRC-2004-0016 3150-AH55 Adjustment of Civil Penalties for Inflation
NRC-2004-0015 3150-AH53 Criminal History Check: Assessment of Application Fee
NRC-2004-0014 3150-AH47 Medical Use of Byproduct Material Minor Admendments: Extending Expiration Date
NRC-2004-0013 3150-AH50 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: NAC-MPC Revision
NRC-2004-0012 3150-AH25 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: NAC-UMS, Revision 3
NRC-2004-0009 3150-AH52 Broadening Scope of Access Authorization and Facility Security Clearance Regulations
NRC-2004-0008 3150-AH44 Export and Import of Nuclear Equipment and Radioactive Materials: Security Policies
NRC-2004-0007 3150-AH35 Incorporation by Reference of ASME B&P Vessel Code Cases
NRC-2004-0006 3150-AH29 Risk-Informed Changes to LOCA Technical Requirements
NRC-2004-0005 3150-AH12 Public Records
NRC-2004-0004 none Pilot Program on Alternate Dispute Resolution
NRC-2004-0003 none Collection, Reporting, or Posting of Information: Availability of Draft Rule Language
NRC-2004-0002 3150-AH37 Revision of Fee Schedules; FY 2004
NRC-2004-0001 3150-AH24 Industry Codes and Standards; Amended Requirements