Rulemaking Dockets for 2006

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Docket ID RIN Title
NRC-2006-0028 3150-AH66 Charges for Reproducing Records
NRC-2006-0026 3150-AH86 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: FuelSolutions Cask System, Rev. 4
NRC-2006-0025 3150-AH82 Minor Amendments
NRC-2006-0018 3150-AH95 Criticality Accident Requirements
NRC-2006-0017 3150-AH80 Incorporation by Reference of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Cases
NRC-2006-0016 3150-AG63 Power Reactor Security Requirements
NRC-2006-0015 3150-AH98 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: HI-STORM 100 Rev. 3
NRC-2006-0014 3150-AH96 Facility Change Process Involving Items Relied on for Safety
NRC-2006-0013 3150-AH40 Occupational Dose Records, Labeling Containers and the Total Effective Dose Equivalent
NRC-2006-0012 3150-AH90 Secure Transfer of Nuclear Materials
NRC-2006-0011 3150-AH84 Requirements for the Expanded Definition of Byproduct Material
NRC-2006-0010 3150-AH94 Relief from Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check for Designated Categories
NRC-2006-0009 3150-AH39 Submission of Annual Financial Reports: Elimination of Requirement
NRC-2006-0008 3150-AH81 Approaches to Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Requirements for Nuclear Power Reactors
NRC-2006-0007 3150-AH93 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: NUHOMS-HD Addition
NRC-2006-0006 3150-AH88 Implementation of the Nuclear Export and Import Provisions of the Energy Policy Act
NRC-2006-0005 3150-AH89 Revision of NRC Form 7, Application for NRC Export/Import
NRC-2006-0004 3150-AH87 List of Approved Spent Fuel Storage Casks: VSC-24 Rev. 6
NRC-2006-0003 3150-AH83 Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for FY 2006
NRC-2006-0002 3150-AH59 Clarification of Civil Penalties
NRC-2006-0001 3150-AH41 Exemptions from Licensing, General Licenses, and Distribution of Byproduct Material: Licensing and Reporting Requirements