Cable Response to Live Fire (CAROLFIRE) (NUREG/CR-6931)

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File Title
Volume 1 Test Descriptions and Analysis of Circuit Response Data
Volume 1 Related Files [1]
Volume 2 Cable Fire Response Data for Fire Model Improvement
Volume 2 Related Files [1]
Volume 3 Thermally-Induced Electrical Failure (THIEF) Model

[1] Volumes 1 and 2 of NUREG/CR-6931 each included a CD-ROM containing related files, as identified above.

[2] The photographs taken during the CAROLFIRE tests are not intended to provide detailed test documentation. Rather, they provide a generic representation of the facilities used, the cables tested, and the appearance of those cables (both before and after the tests), as they were installed in the facilities. Where specific photographs directly relate to a particular test, the description indicates the test number, consistent with that used in NUREG/CR-6931.

[3] Excel spreadsheets containing macros are separately provided in zipped folders identified as "Files with Macros."

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