Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2016

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
RIS-16-12 NRC Employee Access to Switchyards at Licensee Facilities -- 11/22/2016 --
RIS-16-11 Requests to Dispose of Very Low-Level Radioactive Waste Pursuant to 10 CFR 20.2002 -- 11/13/2016 --
RIS-16-10 License Amendment Requests for Changes to Emergency Response Organization Staffing and Augmentation -- 08/05/2016 --
RIS-16-09 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations W Superseded by
RIS 2017-03
-- 06/16/2016 --
RIS-16-08 Process for Scheduling and Allocating Resources in Fiscal Year 2019 for the Review of New Licensing Applications for Light-Water Reactors and Non-Light-Water Reactors W Superseded by RIS 2017-08 12/17
-- 06/07/2016 --
RIS-16-07 Containment Shell or Liner Moisture Barrier Inspection -- 05/09/2016 --
RIS-16-06 NRC Regulation of Radium-226 Under Military Control and for Coordination on Cercla Response Actions at DOD Sites with Radioactive Materials -- 05/09/2016 --
RIS-16-05 Embedded Digital Devices in Safety-Related Systems -- 04/29/2016 --
RIS-16-04 Clarification of 10 CFR 50.46 Reporting Requirements and Recent Issues with Related Guidance Not approved for Use -- 04/19/2016 --
RIS-16-03 10 CFR 50.59 Issues Identified in NRC's San Onofre Steam Generator Tube Degradation Lessons Learned Report -- 04/13/2016 --
RIS-16-02 Design Basis Issues Related to Tube-to-Tubesheet Joints in Pressurized-Water Reactor Steam Generators -- 03/23/2016 --
RIS-16-01 Nuclear Energy Institute Guidance for the Use of Accreditation in Lieu of Commercial Grade Surveys for Procurement of Laboratory Calibration and Test Services -- 03/16/2016 --

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