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Part 21 Reports: 2019

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Log No Notifier Description Report Date Event No. / Accession No.
2019-15-00 Lake Engineering Co. Interim Notification per 10 CFR Part 21, Degraded Snubber SF1154 Hydraulic Fluid Batch No. ZJS1518 03/05/2019 ML19077A096
2019-14-00 Flowserve Nuclear Products Operations (Vernon) Notification of Defect - Pressure Breakdown Sleeve, Part Number 09125139 installed in in Charging Pump Model - 2" RLIJ 04/25/2019 ML19119A085
2019-13-00 AZZ Nuclear Interim Report of Potential 10 CFR Part 21, EATON Size 1 and 2 A200 Series Starters/Contactors 04/17/2019 ML19120A106
2019-12-00 Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division, Enertech 10 CFR Part 21 Notification for SF-1154 Hydraulic Fluid 04/15/2019 ML19121A155
2019-11-00 AMETEK Solidstate Controls Notification of Potential Defect - 10 CFR Part 21
04/12/2019 ML19106A106

Weir Valves & Controls USA, Inc.

Part 21 Report - Residual Heat Removal System Motor Operated Globe Valve Experienced Stem Failures 04/04/2019 ML19101A097

Weir Valves & Controls USA, Inc.

10 CFR Part 21 Report: 24" Class 150 Globe Failed to fully Open due to the Failure of the Anti-Rotation Key 03/11/2019 ML19087A251
2019-08-00 Curtis-Wright Flow Control Co. Target Rock Solenoid Valve 810000-X Positioner Circuit Failure May Cause Undesired Position 03/06/2019 ML19072A063
2019-07-00 Flowserve Spring Deflection Causing Potential Hang-Up of the Flapper (Disc), Worcester Series 44 02/20/2019 ML19064A231
2019-06-00 Xcel Energy / Monticello "C" Outboard Main Steam Line Isolation Valve Delayed Closure Due to Foreign Material in the Air Valve (LER and Part 21 Report) 02/14/2019 ML19046A002
2019-05-01 AZZ Nuclear Updated Part 21 Notification of Potential 10 CFR Part 21, EATON A200 Series Starters/Contactors 03/08/2019 ML19080A059
2019-05-00 AZZ Nuclear Part 21 Initial Notification of Potential 10 CFR Part 21, EATON A200 Series Starters/Contactors 02/08/2019 ML19053A499
2019-04-00 SOR Inc. Part 21 Notification of Deviation SOR R-Series Housing with Terminal Block 02/01/2019 ML19053A500
2019-03-01 Engine Systems Inc. 10 CFR 21 Reportable Notification on Excitation Transformers for Vickers Voltage Regulator System 03/21/2019 ML19087A252
2019-03-00 Engine Systems Inc. Part 21 Report - Saturable Reactor (Magnetic Amplifier) for Vickers Voltage Regulator System, P/N 8408218-ESI 01/25/2019 ML19042A080
2019-02-00 Weschler Instruments Notification of a Potential Defect in Weschler KX-241 axial, VX-252 and VC-252 Instrument Models 01/17/2019 ML19024A163
2019-01-00 AMETEK Solidstate Controls Dedication Testing not performed on Safety-Related Operational Spare Parts Kits 01/07/2019 ML19024A164

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