Escalated Enforcement Actions Issued to Reactor Licensees

This site includes a collection of significant enforcement actions (referred to as "escalated"), that the NRC has issued to reactor licensees (including commercial operating reactors, decommissioned reactors, and research and test reactors) since 1996.

The types of action, and their abbreviations, are as follows:

  • Notice of Violation for Severity Level I, II, or III violations: (NOV)
  • Notice of Violation associated with Red, Yellow, or White Significance Determination Process (SDP) finding: (NOV)
  • Notice of Violation and Proposed Imposition of Civil Penalty: (NOVCP)
  • Order Imposing Civil Penalty: (CPORDER)
  • Order Modifying, Suspending, or Revoking License: (ORDER)

Actions will list the Severity Level (SL) of the most significant violation (SL I is the most significant) or the most significant associated SDP color (Red is the most significant).

Alphabetical List of Cases by Reactor

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