Agreement State Communications for 2001

Agreement State Notices and Dates
Date Notice
12/13/01 H-305:Safety Aspects of Industrial Radiography: This course will be given twice this year on April 8-12, 2002 and on August 19-23, 2002. Cost: $635 per person. Location: a suburb (St. Rose) of New Orleans, LA. If you are interested in registering for either of these classes send Brenda Usilton,, an application.
12/12/01 G-304: Inspection for Performance Materials: An additional course has been scheduled for March 26-28, 2002 and will be held in Region III (Lisle, Illinois). The cost for the class per student if paying tuition will be $265.00.
12/12/01 NRC Information Notice 2001-08, Supplement 2, 11/20/01: Update on Radiation Therapy Overexposures in Panama
12/6/01 A new page, IMPEP Toolbox is available.
12/6/01 NUREG/BR-0133, Rev.2 (February 1996) , Working Safely with Nuclear Gauges, is now available in two sizes (PDF in 4"x6" size) (PDF in 5"x8" size) .
10/17/01 A redesigned Radioactive Sealed Sources and Devices Index page is available.
9/18/01 CANCELLATION:Due to no States signing-up for NMED training other than Oregon (host State) and the current uncertainties associated with air travel, the NMED Training session scheduled for September 26-27, 2001 at Oregon is being cancelled and rescheduled for January 2002.
9/13/01 CANCELLATION: Due to the current restrictions on air travel the Inspection Procedures Course which was scheduled to start September 17-21, 2001 is being cancelled. We will post new dates HERE when they are scheduled.
9/4/01 IMPEP training January 2002:
Tuesday, January 15th: New Team Member Training
Wednesday, January 16th: Refresher Training for All IMPEP Team Members
8/17/01 An updated list of Information Notices, Bulletins, Administrative Letters, Generic Letters, and Regulatory Issue Summaries which have been issued to NMSS licensees.
7/30/01 CORRECTION: G-109 Licensing Practices and Procedures Course (STP-01-060) -- The course will start at 1:00 pm on Monday, September 10, 2001 instead of 8:00 am.
7/26/01 Letter to Dr. Manuel Cerqueira, Chairman of the NRC's Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI), informing him of recent OMB and Congressional action on the revision of 10 CFR Part 35.
7/18/01 Transmittal of the Final NMP Working Group Report, SECY-01-0112 presenting Options for a National Materials Program.
7/18/01 National Materials Program: Final Report of the Working Group, SECY 99-250, May 2001. See the National Materials Program page for more details.
7/18/01 NRC proposed rule which revises the skin dose limit in 10 CFR Part 20.
7/3/01 NRC Governors' Designees Receiving Advance Notification of Transportation of Nuclear Waste
6/27/01 2001 Annual Meeting of the Organization of Agreement States, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 8-10, 2001. Agenda. Registration Form.
6/19/01 Revised guidance for licensing intervascular brachytherapy (IVB) procedures.
6/11/01 New web page regarding NRC/AS Working Group on Termination of Uranium Mill Licenses in Agreement States is now available.
6/11/01 NRC Information Notice 2001-08, Supplement 1, 6/6/01: Update on the Investigation of Patient Deaths in Panama, Following Radiation Therapy Overexposures
6/11/01 NRC Information Notice 2001-08, 6/1/01: Treatment Planning System Errors Result in Deaths of Overseas Radiation Therapy Patients
6/1/01 "We are providing preliminary information about an international event involving a cobalt-60 teletherapy unit. The NRC staff is preparing an Information Notice which will contain followup information on the event and the name of an NRC contact, should you have any questions."
5/24/01 Final Report of the Working Group on Event Reporting (April 2001). Memo on Final Report (5/17/01).
3/26/01 The National Materials Program Working Group (NMPWG) will meet in Atlanta Georgia (Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division, 4244 International Parkway, Suite 114, Atlanta, GA 30354) from April 3 - 5, 2001. Times: 8:00AM to 5:00PM on April 3-4, 2001 and from 8:00AM until noon on April 5, 2001. Purpose: finalize the working group's paper that is due to the Commission in May. Questions: contact Jim Myers at (301) 415-2328 or or Tom Hill at (404) 362-2675.
3/19/01 National Materials Program Working Group Public Meeting on 3/20-22/01 in Rockville, MD.
3/19/01 H-305:Safety Aspects of Industrial Radiography course for the first week in May and a session for August, 2001 is CANCELLED.
3/02/01 NRC Agreement State Workshop on the National Materials Program Working Group Transcript - Day 1, Day 2 .
2/14/01 The training center has scheduled two courses for Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM):
- April 17-19, 2001 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and
- May 8-10, in Rockville, Maryland.
Class cost is $1,271. Contact: Brenda Usilton at (301) 415-3502 or BGU@NRC.GOV.
2/9/01 Draft Agenda for NMP Stakeholder's Meeting, February 21-22, 2001.
2/5/01 Updated draft of the Cordis and Novoste intervascular brachytherapy (IVB) licensing guidance.
1/26/01 MEETING: The National Materials Program Working Group (NMPWG) and Stakeholder's Meeting will be held in NRC Region IV Office, Arlington, TX on February 20-22, 2001.
1/17/01 G-109: Licensing Practices and Procedures course for March 5-9, 2001 is CANCELLED.
1/5/01 The Reactor Oversight Process Initial Implementation Evaluation Panel web page has been launched. It is located at the following address, and will be updated with additional documents as they become available.


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