Reactor License Renewal Hearing

The NRC has a process for any person who believes they would be adversely affected by a reactor license renewal to request a hearing.

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NRC Procedures for Adjudications New Revisions to 10 CFR Part 2

  • New rule became effective on February 13, 2004
    • Final rule applies to all proceedings noticed on or after February 13, 2004
    • Proceedings noticed before February 13, 2004 will continue to be governed by old Part 2

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Major Provisions of New Part 2 Rule

  • Individual hearing tracks: Subparts G, J, K, L, M, N, and O
  • Common procedures/requirements in new Subpart C
  • Contentions and bases (supporting information) must be submitted with the request for a hearing
  • Ordinarily, contentions and bases must be submitted 60 days after notice
    • NRC will provide notices of major licensing and regulatory actions on the NRC Web site
  • Most hearings to be conducted under Subpart L
    • Construction permits, operating licenses, combined licenses, renewed licenses, license amendments, and license terminations for power reactors
      • Exception: resolution of contentions involving occurrence of a past event, where credibility, motive, or intent of eyewitness or party are at issue -- Subpart G (most formal, trial-like procedures)
    • Materials licenses and materials license amendments
  • Subpart L has more informal procedures
    • Mandatory disclosures by all parties instead of traditional discovery
    • Cross-examination only with approval of presiding officer

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