Vendor Newsletters

Welcome to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Newsletter webpage for Vendor Oversight. This page is intended to increase the NRC's commitment to openness, efficiency, and clarity with its stakeholders by presenting this informative newsletter that's designated for all vendors, licensees, and license or design certification applicants.

The Vendor Times is an annually published newsletter designed to enhance outreach and communications with vendors supplying safety-related parts and services. In addition to the public website, the "Vendor Times" newsletter is another source of information that provides current NRC updates and ongoing vendor activities to the public. This newsletter will include topics such as recent findings, potential rulemakings, upcoming conferences, operating experience, and other useful information. Useful and informative feedback on the contents of this newsletter is welcomed. If you would like to suggest topics or be added to our electronic distribution list, please email Ada Bowie. Please check out our latest published newsletter below.