How We Regulate New Reactors

In regulating the design, siting, construction, and operation of new commercial nuclear power facilities, the NRC employs a combination of regulatory requirements, licensing, and oversight. For additional information on the new reactor licensing process, see our brochure (NUREG/BR-0298), and the following related pages:

The NRC considers public involvement in the agency's activities to be a cornerstone of strong, fair regulation of the nuclear industry. Toward that end, our regulatory process provides a variety of opportunities for citizens to be heard. For example, we announce upcoming public meetings on our Web site to enable interested members of the public to participate. We also encourage public involvement in rulemaking, and we provide related information on our Rulemaking Dockets page. In addition, we provide opportunities for public involvement in hearings, as well as public information on hearing opportunities and license applications.

The Cost Projections for Licensing Actions offers resource estimates for licensing activities for the new reactor business line. This information is being offered to enhance stakeholder awareness of the costs associated with these services. It will also aid licensees and applicants in the planning and budgeting of future applications. This information is a compilation of historic actions. Actual costs for future applications may vary depending on the specific circumstances. The NRC encourages licensees and applicants to engage early in the process when submitting new actions.