2013 Aircraft Impact Assessment (AIA) Inspection Reports

The purpose of inspection reports is to document the inspection scope, observation, and findings of inspections conducted by the NRC. The NRC performs inspections to oversee the commercial nuclear industry to determine whether its requirements are being met by applicants, licensees and their contractors. The NRC performs inspections to verify the quality and suitability of the aircraft impact assessment and review any issues identified during the analysis and the corrective actions associated with the issue.

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Date Description

AREVA NP Inc. Lynchburg, VA, inspection of the AREVA Aircraft Impact Assessment related to activities conducted in support of their application. The NRC staff performed this inspection at the AREVA facility located in Lynchburg, VA. The purpose of the inspection was to assess AREVA's compliance with the provisions of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) 50.150, "Aircraft Impact Assessment."