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Tour of NRC's Emergency Operations Center for Fuel Cycle Information Exchange

FCIX attendees are invited to tour the NRC’s Emergency Operations Center, which serves as the coordination point for communications with NRC licensees, State entities, and other Federal agencies during incidents and emergency events at NRC-licensed facilities.

This tour will address the roles and responsibilities of the various teams that comprise the NRC’s incident response organization and the resources NRC uses when issuing or receiving communications during an emergency.  Recent experience gained during NRC’s response to the Fukushima nuclear incident will be included.  The tour will take about an hour.

The tour will be offered Tuesday, June 7 at 5 PM.  Participation is limited to 20 attendees and registration is required.  If you are interested in attending the tour, please sign up at the registration table.  Photo identification (government-issued picture ID) will be required to participate.  Transportation will be provided to and from the NRC Headquarters for tour participants.

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