FCIX 2014 Presentations

Presenter Organization Presentation Title
Michael Weber NRC Fuel Cycle Cyber Sense
Marissa Bailey NRC A Forward Look at the Fuel Cycle
James O'Brien DOE Nuclear Safety at the Department of Energy
Marvin Sykes NRC, Region II Implementation of Fuel Cycle Facility Inspections
Soly Soto NRC NUREG-1520 "Standard Review Plan for License Applications for Fuel Cycle Facilities"
Sabrina Atack NRC NUREG-1520, Chapter 11, "Revision of Management Measures Guidance"
Christopher Tripp NRC NUREG-1520, Chapter 5, "Revision of Nuclear Criticality Safety Guidance"
James Rubenstone NRC Restart of the Review of the Yucca Mountain License Application
Andrew Sowder EPRI Integrating Fuel Design with the Front and Back-End of the Fuel Cycle: A Utility-Informed Perspective
Herbert Massie ANS ANS Standards Activities Related to Fuel Cycle Type facilities
Jim Hammelman NRC Uranium Intake Values for Classifying Integrated Safety Analysis (ISA) Worker Exposure Events
Marilyn Díaz NRC Acute Chemical Exposures for ISAs
Gavin Smith Office of Nuclear Regulation Role of the Regulator in Supporting the Development of the United Kingdom Plutonium Management Policy
Brian Littleton EPA Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking- 40 CFR Part 190
Alysia Bone NRC Plan for Updating NRC Cost-Benefit Guidance
Andrew Carrera NRC Status Update on the 10 CFR Part 61 Low Level Radioactive Waste
Marlayna Vaaler NRC Decommissioning Planning Rule: Current Activities
Larry Harris NRC Chemical Security Update
Peter Habighorst NRC Material Control and Accounting Future Challenges
Brian Smith NRC NRC's Support of U.S. Non-proliferation Objectives in the Licensing of Enrichment or Reprocessing Facilities
Andrew Griffith DOE Department of Energy's Fuel Cycle Technology program: An Overview
Anna Bradford NRC Fuel and Waste Considerations for Small Modular Reactors and Advanced Reactors
Nilda Rivera Feliciano NRC NRC's Incident Response Program
Mark Wolfe Honeywell Metropolis Works' Upgrades
Roberta Runge EPA Planning and Responding to Chemical Releases
Luis García FEMA/DHS Nuclear/Radiological Incident Annex Update
Harold Chernoff NRC Operating Experience in the Reactor Program
Booma Venkataraman NRC Fuel Cycle Operating Experience Program
Peter Elder Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Operating Experience at Canadian Nuclear Processing Facilities
Nancy Parr Westinghouse Westinghouse: Perspective from a Fuel Fabrication Facility
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