Career Paths

A career with the NRC provides that unique combination of meaningful, challenging work and leaders and programs that support a healthy balance between work and life. Working for the NRC will demand great commitment and responsibility, but you will be rewarded with a combination of personal and professional benefits that are hard to find anywhere else. If a career at the NRC sounds interesting to you, check out our informational video.

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We hire management analysts, program analysts, human resources specialists, and contract specialists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and secretaries and office automation assistants.

Working in Acquisitions at the NRC

We hire budget analysts, auditors, accountants with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

We hire attorneys with expertise in such diverse areas a environmental law, rulemaking, administrarive law, and legislation develpment. Entry level attorneys are hired through the Honor Law Graduate Program.

The Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Investigations hire investigators, analysts, and law enforcement specialists.

We hire communications specialists, computer specialists, IT project managers, systems administrators, computer systems analysts, webmasters, and information management specialists with bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

We hire Engineers and Scientists in a variety of disciplines.

Engineering disciplines include nuclear, mechanical, chemical, structural, electrical, environmental, materials, software, and human factors. Scientific disciplines include chemists, nuclear physicists, radiation biologists, physical scientists, materials scientists, health physicists, geologists, hydrologists, and seismologists. All disciplines require a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree.