License Verification System (LVS)

As a key component of the Integrated Source Management Portfolio (ISMP), the License Verification System (LVS) is envisioned as a "national verification system" that will ensure that only authorized licensees obtain radioactive materials in authorized amounts. Deployed in May 2013, LVS is an integrated service designed to provide access to license information maintained by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement States. Specifically, this system brokers information stored in the Web-Based Licensing (WBL) System and National Source Tracking System (NSTS). In so doing, LVS enables authorized licensees to verify certain information about licensees authorized to possess, use, or ship radioactive materials. In that way, the system allows licensees to confirm that (1) a license is valid and accurate and (2) a licensee is authorized to acquire quantities and types of radioactive materials being requested. For additional details, see the following pages:

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