Recent FOIA Requests – July 2015

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during July 2015. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
NRC letter from Richard Correia to Christopher Earls dated June 7, 2010 FOIA/PA-2015-0428
RE: Firearms - Copy of NRC Training order dated April 29, 2003 FOIA/PA-2015-0427
SECY 05—0048 dated June 28, 2005 FOIA/PA-2015-0426
Any report to the NRC that a UFO was over a NRC licensed facility-Date range 2010-current FOIA/PA-2015-0425
NRC court response to Case 1:13-CV-00942-RMC FOIA/PA-2015-0424
The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) organizational chart, and index of all reports and publications that OPA released to public media FOIA/PA-2015-0423
Records pertaining to RIII-14-A-0041 FOIA/PA-2015-0422
Copy of contract number NRC-38-10-706 FOIA/PA-2015-0421
Available records of projects Salmon and Sterling, which operated under Project Dribble in Mississippi from 1960-1790 FOIA/PA-2015-0420
Specified records of the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station Units, 1,2 and 3 near Jenkinsville , South Carolina as requested FOIA/PA-2015-0419
All intelligence notices sent out to NRC's regulated reactors, related to the July 4th  holiday FOIA/PA-2015-0418
All internal communication related to FOIA 2015-0281 and FOIA Appeal 2015-0040A FOIA/PA-2015-0417
Stats for 2014, same search format of FOIA 2009-0197 FOIA/PA-2015-0416
Copies of listed FOIA Requests and Appeals FOIA/PA-2015-0415
Copy of name individual's Senior Reactor Operator License documents; SOP 11154 Docket Number 55-61632 FOIA/PA-2015-0414
Copies of any and all versions of the Office of Inspection and Enforcement Investigation Report 50-247/80-19, and Management Meeting Report 50-247/80-19A; Video and/or audio recording of April 23, 2015 Advisory Committee on Reactor Safety Meeting regarding Indian Point License Renewal; research into materials reliability and aging degradation issues; and Information relating to the upcoming July 30, 2015 NRC Meeting with Industry on Divider Plate and Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld issues FOIA/PA-2015-0413
Requesting all records related to NRC Allegation No. NRR-2010-A-006 FOIA/PA-2015-0412
Copies of all seven (7) day letters sent out by NRC Inspector General in 2005 only FOIA/PA-2015-0411
Request for NUREG/R-0075 Rev 4 "NRC Field Policy Manual" ML041170225 FOIA/PA-2015-0410
Copies of listed initial FOIA requests FOIA/PA-2015-0409
Response letters to FOIA requests 2011-0354, 2011-0236 FOIA/PA-2015-0408
All open Office of the Inspector General (OIG) cases FOIA/PA-2015-0407
Response letter to FOIA 2009-0153, "NRC Surveillance" FOIA/PA-2015-0406
Copy of NRC court response to 1:13-CV-01248-JOB, dated August 15, 2013 FOIA/PA-2015-0405
Copies of grants issued to the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington,  2012-to date FOIA/PA-2015-0404
First 100 pages of the NRC Information Digest FOIA/PA-2015-0403
Any email or correspondence pertaining to a drug or alcohol test taken by named individual on or around May 2013 or sent or recirculated during July 2015 FOIA/PA-2015-0402
A copy of NRC TIA-2014-05 FOIA/PA-2015-0401
Any and all agency records related to FOIA/PA-2015-0300, " Records associated with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Allegation A14-07342, "NRC May Not Have Addressed an Operability and Regulatory Non-Compliance of the Emergency AC Power Systems at the Oconee Station" FOIA/PA-2015-0400
All records (permits, notices of violations etc.) regarding the use of lodine 131 at DNA Plant Technology Corporation at 2611 Branch Pike, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, License number 29-28220-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0399
All records (permits, notices of violations etc.) regarding the use of lodine 131 at Navix Diagnostix, INC at 700 Route 130 Suite 105, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, License number 29-30171-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0398
All records (permits, notices of violations etc.) regarding the use of lodine 131 at Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Service of New Jersey at 2800 Route 13 North, Suite 202, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, License number 29-30983-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0397
All records (permits, notices of violations etc.) regarding the use of lodine 131 at Airco INC, at River Road and Union Landing Road, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, License number 29-02085-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0396
All records (permits, notices of violations etc.) regarding the use of lodine 131 at AFG industries at 2600 River Road, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, License number 29-19809-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0395
A copy of every document related to all closed investigations involving Bozeman Deaconess Health Services from 2005 through the present FOIA/PA-2015-0394
ML14231B281, ML14231B282, ML14231B293, ML14231B295, ML14231B300, ML14231B302, ML14231B303, ML14259A593 FOIA/PA-2015-0393
ML103080992 - comments resolution for IP 71111.21 and ML091380189 - ROP design engineering working group FOIA/PA-2015-0392
Final reports on the peer review findings and observations to Boiling-Water Reactors (BWR) Standardized Plant Analysis Risk (SPAR) and Pressurized-Water Reactors (PWR) SPAR model would be completed in October 2009 FOIA/PA-2015-0391
Copies of transcripts of all meetings held with CampCo, Inc., License No. 0423910-01E, within the past 10 years FOIA/PA-2015-0390
All information regarding named individual from and to the following individuals and offices: Russell Ficken, Len Wert, Victor McCree, EDO, Region 2 current and former Human Resource Branch personnel, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer, and Cris Brown, February 2012 to present FOIA/PA-2015-0389
All information regarding MARTA financial transactions from employees, offices, MARTA, other sources, to include all Inspector General documents, emails, memos, reports, interview results, audits, investigations and transactions from November 2014 to present FOIA/PA-2015-0388
Any and all Site Environmental Reports required by the Atomic Energy Commission and its successors for Grumman's Research Reactors FOIA/PA-2015-0387
NRR Procedure Revision 4 of COM-106 FOIA/PA-2015-0386
All records from the NRC briefing of Duke Energy on October 27, 2014 FOIA/PA-2015-0385
Request that TIA 2014-04 is not publicly available and to ensure that we have the full understanding of the issues raised during the Component Design Basis Inspection FOIA/PA-2015-0384
Copies of all records regarding any licenses held by the Canadian Radium and Uranium Corporation, including the termination of those licenses FOIA/PA-2015-0383
All records relating to the Canadian Radium and Uranium Corporation, dated back to the 1940's FOIA/PA-2015-0382
Copies of the FOIA Log Reports for the month of June, 2015 FOIA/PA-2015-0381
Copies of all records related in any way to the Alvin W. Vogtle nuclear power plant (including Vogtle 1, 2, 3, and 4) near Augusta, Georgia FOIA/PA-2015-0380
Master index of all NRC information Notices, showing number, date and subject, 2000 through current date only FOIA/PA-2015-0379
Copy of 25 Point Plan dated on/about December 2010, by Chief Information Officer plan to reform federal information technology Management FOIA/PA-2015-0378
Chapter index/listing of NRC's National Industrial Security Program operating manual FOIA/PA-2015-0377
Copy of the Office of the Inspector General's Report, OIG-14-A-21 FOIA/PA-2015-0376
Total number of inspectors employed in every year for which data exists beginning in 2000 FOIA/PA-2015-0375
Total number of inspectors employed since 1979 FOIA/PA-2015-0374
Copies of FOIA requests 2011-00101, 2011-00100, 2014-00111, 2011-00131,  2014-00168, 2011-00199, 2012-00061, 2014-00192, 2012-00065, 2011-00363, 2012-00004, 2012-00015, 2011-00222, 2011-00212, 2012-00051, 2012-00052, 2011-00166, 2011-00184, 2011-00187, 2011-00189, 2011-00191 FOIA/PA-2015-0373
The office of the Inspector General's Report #OIG-05-A-20, Evaluation of NRC Certification and Accreditation Efforts, dated 09/03/2005 FOIA/PA-2015-0372
The Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) reports, OIG-05-A-10 dated 02/24/2005 and OIG-05-A-12 dated 06/07/2005 FOIA/PA-2015-0371
All response letters in 2009-0197 and 2009-0205 but not released records,  and released records in 2009-0197 FOIA/PA-2015-0370
All response letters and released records in FOIA 2009-0204 FOIA/PA-2015-0369
All response letters and released records in FOIA 2014-0133 FOIA/PA-2015-0368
Copy of blank form SF 86 FOIA/PA-2015-0367
Solicitation (Request for Proposal) and amendments related to Contract NRCHQ11C100010 FOIA/PA-2015-0366
Solicitation (Request for Proposal) Documents and all Amendments related to contract Number NRCHQ11C00043 FOIA/PA-2015-0365
Copy of a letter addressed to (Paul Blanch) dated June 29, 2015, from Michael I. Dudek, regarding NRC's staff performance of a sensitivity analysis on page 4, Comment 2 FOIA/PA-2015-0364
Copies of all correspondence between NRC and U.S. Representative Ronald "Ron" DeSantis (R-FL) or the staff of U.S. Representative Ronald "Ron" DeSantis between January 2013 - present and prior to January 2013 FOIA/PA-2015-0363
Copies of all correspondence between NRC and U.S. Representative Jefferson "Jeff" Miller (R-FL) or the staff of U.S. Representative Jefferson "Jeff" Miller between January 2001 - present and prior to January 2001 FOIA/PA-2015-0362
All Inspection Reports; Personal Records including all certification and licenses, for Garry Harris, former NRC Inspector FOIA/PA-2015-0361
Database that contains facilities listed on the Material Licensing Tracking system that possess or use radioactive materials as reported by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission FOIA/PA-2015-0360
Licensee Entergy Operations, Inc. recorded statements and correspondence of individuals related to Arkansas Nuclear One, Units 1 and 2, before and after March 31, 2013 stator drop incident FOIA/PA-2015-0359
Any files explaining the November 23, 1957 aircraft explosion incident in Phoenix, Arizona, and any subsequent effect it may have caused FOIA/PA-2015-0358
Copy of the firm fixed price contract NRCHQ13C210045 for verbatim reporting services awarded in 2013 to Neal R. Gross and Company, Inc. FOIA/PA-2015-0357
Copy of FOIA Log, February 12, 2015 - current date FOIA/PA-2015-0356
Copies of all FOIA court complaints served on agency, January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2009 FOIA/PA-2015-0355
All response letters to FOIA Cases 2009-0156, 2009-0153, 2009-0203, 2009-0205 FOIA/PA-2015-0354
Copies of initial FOIA requests for 2011-0354, 2011-0356, 2011-0351, 2011-0358, 2011-0333, 2011-0251, 2011-0252, 2011-0212, 2011-0236, 2011-0122, Con-2015-0001, 2013-0034, 2013-005A, 2013-001A, 2012-0004, 2012-0005, 2012-0088, 2012-0081, 2012-0181, 2012-0213, 2012-0334 FOIA/PA-2015-0353
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Digest dated March 30, 2011 FOIA/PA-2015-0352
List of open cases assigned to the Office of the Inspector General and the date they were submitted FOIA/PA-2015-0351
Copies of all released records and response letters to FOIA case 2013-0065 "Nation Source Tracking System" FOIA/PA-2015-0350
A copy of Guide No. 77 "Insider Mitigation Program" FOIA/PA-2015-0349
Any and all documents associated with the Summer Special Inspection that was initiated on February 23, 2015 FOIA/PA-2015-0348
Appeal for adequacy of search of FOIA 2015-0370 FOIA/PA-2015-0058A
Appeal for adequacy of search of FOIA 2015-0369 FOIA/PA-2015-0057A
Appeal of released records that were redacted FOIA 2015-0356 FOIA/PA-2015-0056A
Appeal the adequacy of search for records requested for FOIA/PA-2015-0354 FOIA/PA-2015-0055A
Appeal the redactions made to the released records for FOIA 2015-0353 FOIA/PA-2015-0054A
Appeal:  Redaction of requester's name in response to FOIA/PA-2015-0350 FOIA/PA-2015-0053A
Appeal:  Search findings of the March 30, 2011 Information Digest (FOIA/PA-2015-0352) FOIA/PA-2015-0052A
Appeal of full denial of records requested in FOIA 2015-0312 FOIA/PA-2015-0051A
Appeal:  Lack of response to FOIA/PA 2015-0251, and full denial of six pages of documents, and the set of two pages of training records FOIA/PA-2015-0050A
Appeal:  Adequacy of search in regards to FOIA/PA-2015-0278 FOIA/PA-2015-0049A
Appeal:  Adequacy of search in regards to FOIA/PA-2015-0232 FOIA/PA-2015-0048A
Appeal:  Redactions made to records released in FOIA/PA-2015-0322 FOIA/PA-2015-0047A
All documents related to the Secretary of Defense visits to Russia, the Ukraine, or Kazakhstan , the Nunn-Lugar/Cooperative Threat Reduction initiative and/or Project Sapphire, or weapons of mass destruction found in 1993 Officials Records of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense REF-2015-0001

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