Recent FOIA Requests – December 2015

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during December 2015. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
A roster of persons holding either an active operator license or an active senior operating license (or both) for the Columbia Generating Station facility (Richland, WA) at any time between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2015 FOIA/PA-2016-0176
Copy of all materials that refer to closing of investigation into expenditure of NRC grant funds by Southern Polytechnic State University FOIA/PA-2016-0175
Sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC FOIA/PA-2016-0174
Conclusion of the Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) investigation pertaining to ongoing computer abuse during duty hours by named individual FOIA/PA-2016-0173
Cell phone number assigned to Joseph McMillan FOIA/PA-2016-0172
ML1118905720 FOIA/PA-2016-0171
Information Notice 2011-02 FOIA/PA-2016-0170
Regulatory Issue Summary, RIS 2002-15 FOIA/PA-2016-0169
Job duties/purpose of Rachel Boyer, Correspondence Analyst FOIA/PA-2016-0168
Template No. RES-006 FOIA/PA-2016-0167
All internal and external communication related to FOIA Case 2014-0048 FOIA/PA-2016-0166
Management Directive (MD) 9.7 FOIA/PA-2016-0165
First 100 pages of "Office of the General Counsel (OGC) operating manual, policy and procedures" FOIA/PA-2016-0164
Most current listing of individuals receiving advance notification of nuclear waste shipments FOIA/PA-2016-0163
All internal and external communication related to FOIA Case 2015-0251 and FOIA Appeal 2015-0065A FOIA/PA-2016-0162
All internal and external communication related to FOIA Case 2015-0352 and FOIA Appeal 2015-0052A FOIA/PA-2016-0161
Any and all interagency agreements, memorandum of understanding, or equivalent documents between NRC and National Security Agency, 2010-current date FOIA/PA-2016-0160
NEI 98-03 Revision 1, first 100 pages FOIA/PA-2016-0159
All internal communication related to FOIA Case 2012-0204 FOIA/PA-2016-0158
All letters to NRC from requester in FOIA Case 2009-0035 FOIA/PA-2016-0157
First 100 pages of NUREG-0800 FOIA/PA-2016-0156
Copy of all documents, emails and faxes sent from and to the Michigan Department of Transportation regarding the claim filed against ABE Associates, Inc. regarding the ABE Testing Engineers and Consultant Joint Venture FOIA/PA-2016-0155
Copy of the listed records from the bibliography of Mixed Oxide (MOX) records provided in response to FOIA/PA-2016-0060 FOIA/PA-2016-0154
Office of investigations Report No. 2-2014-013, concerning allegation of discrimination by Chicago Bridge & Iron against  a former electrical project engineer, and all supporting documentation FOIA/PA-2016-0153
Records of when named individual had a nuclear Pacemaker from 1975 to 2002 FOIA/PA-2016-0152
A copy of documents identified to NRC3311325 Orders DR3311325T001, NRC3311325T002, NRCHQ1014T003, each task order Statement of Work and complete Request For Proposal FOIA/PA-2016-0151
Any and all records concerning the Atomic Energy Commission’s licensing of auctioned nuclear waste and residues to Contemporary Metals Corporation, Continental Mining and Milling, Commercial Discount Corporation, and Cotter Corporation from the storage site near the St. Louis airport FOIA/PA-2016-0150
Corrective Action Report (CAR-12-028) described in NRC Inspection Report 99901030/2013-201 FOIA/PA-2016-0149
List of specified records pertaining to Indian Point, and any and all International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), National Commission on Radiological Protection (NCRP) that the NRC has relied on in licensing, rulemaking or enforcement for the past 10 years FOIA/PA-2016-0148
Copy of ML113610556, ML12124A377, ML113130015 FOIA/PA-2016-0147
Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 FOIA/PA-2016-0146
Office of the Inspector General Report, OIG-03-A-13 FOIA/PA-2016-0145
All internal communication related to FOIA case # 2016-0004A & 2015-0404 FOIA/PA-2016-0144
All released records in FOIA case # 2015-0309 FOIA/PA-2016-0143
All response letters from NRC to requester to FOIA appeal # 2015-0023A FOIA/PA-2016-0142
Letter dated Feb 4, 2015 from Office of the Inspector General to Catherine Haney FOIA/PA-2016-0141
Index of all SECY papers that are non-publicly available from 2010-current FOIA/PA-2016-0140
Initial FOIA requests only for 2011-0254, 2011-0255, 2011-0225, 2011-0169, 2014-0133, 2012-0021, 2011-0305, 2012-0085, 2014-0006, 2014-0005, 2014-0258, 2014-0164, 2014-0052, 2011-0105, 2011-0015, 2009-0290, 2011-0274 FOIA/PA-2016-0139
Any direct correspondence between NRC and Jeff Atwater or his staff from November 2000 through present FOIA/PA-2016-0138
All records pertaining to named individual in the NRC's Privacy Act System of Records NRC-23, all Office of Investigation investigative records on named individual or for which individual was the source of the allegation in the investigation FOIA/PA-2016-0137
Please provide me all records in the investigation files for the following Office of the Inspector General allegations and cases:  A14 07438, A14 07448, A14 07453, C14 027 FOIA/PA-2016-0136
All materials transmitted between Mr. Kenji Tateiwa and the NRC from March 1, 2011, to date FOIA/PA-2016-0135
All records in the investigation files for the listed Office of the Inspector General allegations and cases FOIA/PA-2016-0134
Most recent copy of the Materials Licensing Tracking System Database (active and retired facilities) FOIA/PA-2016-0133
All records pertaining to named individual contained in the NRC's Privacy Act System of Records NRC-18. Office of the Inspector General Investigative Records FOIA/PA-2016-0132
All records in the investigation files for the listed Office of the Inspector General allegations and cases FOIA/PA-2016-0131
NRC Region 4 current Org Chart FOIA/PA-2016-0130
All background material used in developing response letter dated November 11, 2015, to named individual FOIA/PA-2016-0129
Copy of all information for NRC Case #2-2015-039 FOIA/PA-2016-0128
A public relations illustrated portfolio about the Nuclear Ship (NS) Savannah FOIA/PA-2016-0127
Any and all records of communication between NRC and John Kasich, 1983-present, and all FOIA requests filed mentioning John Kasich FOIA/PA-2016-0126

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