Recent FOIA Requests – February 2015

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during February 2015. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
Any and all records indicating radiation/radioactivity measurements made in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, 1955-1985 FOIA/PA-2015-0164
Annual Performance Plans for years 2012-2015 FOIA/PA-2015-0163
Office of Investigation's Report for Investigation #4-2013-032, and any correspondence between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and  named individual regarding case FOIA/PA-2015-0162
All Material Transfer Reports on Form 653 filed by Multiphase Meters (MPM) of Houston Texas FOIA/PA-2015-0161
Documentation regarding mission-important databases still relying on legacy programming language and a time line for transition to systems utilizing more modern language FOIA/PA-2015-0160
Database of the Material licensing Tracking System (MLTS) (active and retired) FOIA/PA-2015-0159
Information on Harold R. Denton's visit to the nuclear power plant site, Jaragua, Cuba, October 1988 FOIA/PA-2015-0158
Office of Investigation report information for FOIA/PA-2014-0482 FOIA/PA-2015-0157
Technical Assistance, TIA 97-008, review and conclusion that Browns Ferry Nuclear meets General Design Criteria, GDC-17, requirements FOIA/PA-2015-0156
Contracts and agreements pertaining to the Plant Vogtle project, Units 3 and 4 FOIA/PA-2015-0155
All records pertaining to the investigation into violations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's regulations/Federal law committed by named individuals at Energy Northwest FOIA/PA-2015-0154
Contract awarded to Concur as a result of Solicitation Number: NRC-CF0-14-0070 FOIA/PA-2015-0153
Copies of listed International Commission on Radiological Protection documents referred to in Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Federal Register Notice Volume 79, Number 143 FOIA/PA-2015-0152
All documents from 2010 to present related to the Fifty Mile Emergency Planning Zone, and the Radiological Emergency Plan for Suffolk County, New York and atmospheric/airborne environmental discharge from the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant reactor unit 2 and 3 FOIA/PA-2015-0151
All records related to the natural gas pipelines near the Turkey Point nuclear plant FOIA/PA-2015-0150
List of individuals promoted and to what grade, and list of individuals who received performance awards and the award amount, within the office of Information Service from 2012 thru 2015 FOIA/PA-2015-0149
All filing systems and locations, and all records maintained pertaining to training videos during 2014 FOIA/PA-2015-0148
Documents released in FOIA/PA 2014-0339 FOIA/PA-2015-0147
Documents released in FOIA/PA 2013-0309 FOIA/PA-2015-0146
All documents pertaining to named individual's allegations involving the Idaho National Laboratory FOIA/PA-2015-0145
Copy of records on file for SEG Engineers and Consultants, License Number 13-26178-01 FOIA/PA-2015-0144
Documents released in FOIA/PA-2015-0014 FOIA/PA-2015-0143
Documents released in FOIA/PA-2014-0482 FOIA/PA-2015-0142
All publicly available materials and press releases concerning the proposed action, subsequent regulatory action, or communications taken regarding Chicago Bridge & Iron or the Shaw Group; and materials concerning the Vogtle Units 3&4 FOIA/PA-2015-0141
Copy of purchase receipts made with debit cards, gift cards, and credit cards on December 1-5, 2014 FOIA/PA-2015-0140
Most recent mailing list, not including medical affiliations FOIA/PA-2015-0139
Copy of Congressional Budget Justification: FY15 (NUGREG-1100, Volume 3) FOIA/PA-2015-0138
Copy of all task order, and modifications, with Concur Technologies, Inc. Master Contract Number GS-33F-Y0026, August 1, 2014 to present FOIA/PA-2015-0137
All communications and documents pertaining to revisions to the Nuclear Energy Institute's "Personnel Access Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants" FOIA/PA-2015-0136
Copies of investigative files and all other materials related to the Office of Investigation number 1-2014-004 FOIA/PA-2015-0135
Any and all reports of investigations of radioactive remediation work at the Hunters Point Shipyard, January 1, 2011-December 31, 2012 FOIA/PA-2015-0134
Nuclear Regulatory Commission's disaster plan for a catacylsmic pyrotechnic explosion which could occur at Yellowstone National Park FOIA/PA-2015-0133
Copy of packages involving listed Sealed Sources and Device License Numbers FOIA/PA-2015-0132
Appeal:  Denial of Information for FOIA/PA-2015-0056 - Current firearm inventory and assignment FOIA/PA-2015-0015A

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