Power Reactors (Division 1): Regulatory Guides 1.221 - 1.250

This page lists the number, title, publication date, and revisions for each regulatory guide in Division 1, "Power Reactors," with references to draft guides and related documents (where applicable).

See also Draft Regulatory Guides for Division 1.

See NRC Regulatory Guides for more general information.

Regulatory Guides are reviewed about every 10 years, although a guide may be reviewed more frequently if the staff believes an emerging issue affects the guide. The NRC began these reviews in 2010, and began posting the results of its reviews on this site in 2013. The review dates are hyperlinked to the review memorandum, which provide useful information about the status and any known issues with the associated regulatory guide.

Title Revision
Additional Information
1.221 Design-Basis Hurricane and Hurricane Missiles for Nuclear Power Plants
0 10/2011 Reviewed in 2016 – No issues identified
1.222 Conducting Periodic Testing for Breakaway Oxidation Behavior
1.223 Testing for Postquench Ductility
1.224 Establishing Analytical for Zirconium Based Alloy Cladding
1.226 Flexible Mitigation Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis Events
0 06/2019  
1.227 Wide-Range Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation
0 06/2019  
1.228 Integrated Response Capabilities for Beyond-Design Basis Events
1.229 Alternative Risk-Informed Approach for Addressing the Effects of Debris on Post Accident Long-Term Core Cooling
1.230 Regulatory Guidance on the Alternate Pressurized Thermal Shock Rule
0 09/2018  
1.231 Acceptance of Commercial-Grade Design and Analysis Computer Programs Used in Safety-Related Applications for Nuclear Power Plants
0 12/2016  
1.232 Developing Principal Design Criteria for Non-Light Water Reactors
0 04/2018  
1.233 Guidance for a Technology-Inclusive, Risk-Informed, and Performance-Based Methodology to Inform the Licensing Basis and Content of Applications for Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Non-Light Water Reactors
0 06/2020  
1.234 Evaluating Deviations and Reporting Defects and Noncompliance Under 10 CFR Part 21
0 04/2018  
1.235 Emergency Planning for Decommissioning Power Reactors
1.236 Pressurized-Water Reactor Control Rod Ejection and Boiling-Water Reactor Control Rod Drop Accidents
0 06/2020  
1.237 Guidance for Changes During Construction for New Nuclear Power Plants Being Constructed Under a Combined License Referencing a Certified Design Under 10 CFR Part 52
0 02/2021  
1.239 Licensee Actions to Address Nonconservative Technical Specifications
0 11/2020  
1.240 Fresh and Spent Fuel Pool Criticality Analysis
0 03/2021  
1.242 Performance-Based Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors, Non-Light-Water Reactors, and Non-Power Production or Utilization Facilities DG    
1.243 Safety-Related Steel Structures and Steel-Plate Composite (SC) Walls for other than Reactor Vessels and Containments
0 08/2021  
1.244 Control of Heavy Loads at Nuclear Facilities 0 12/2021  
1.245 Preparing Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics (PFM) Submittals 0 01/2022  
1.246 Acceptability of ASME Code, Section XI, Division 2, Requirements for RIM Programs for NPPs, for Non-LWRs 0 10/2022  
1.247 TRIAL - Acceptability of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Results for Non-Light Water Reactor Risk-Informed Activities Trial 03/2022  
1.248 Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Electrical Equipment Used in Production and Utilization Facilities 0 10/2022  
1.249 Use of ARCON Methodology For Calculation Of Accident-Related Offsite Atmospheric Dispersion Factors DG    
1.250 Dedication of Commercial-Grade Digital I&C Items for Use in Nuclear power Plants 0 10/2022  

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