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Publications Prepared by NRC Staff for Knowledge Management

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Document Identifier Title
NUREG/KM-0014 History and Activities of the NRC Committee to Review Generic Requirements
NUREG/KM-0013 Credibility Assessment Framework for Critical Boiling Transition Models: A generic safety case to determine the credibility of critical heat flux and critical power models, Draft for Comment
NUREG/KM-0011 Critical Heat Flux Data Used to Generate the 2006 Groeneveld Lookup Tables
NUREG/KM-0010 WASH-1400 – The Reactor Safety Study – The Introduction of Risk Assessment to the Regulation of Nuclear Reactors
NUREG/KM-0009 Historical Review and Observations of Defense-in-Depth
NUREG/KM-0008 Reflections on Fukushima: NRC Senior Leadership Visit to Japan, 2014
NUREG/KM-0007 NRC Program on Knowledge Management for Liquid-Metal-Cooled Reactors
NUREG/KM-0006 Fundamental Theory of Scientific Computer Simulation Review
NUREG/KM-0005 2002 Davis-Besse Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation Knowledge Management Digest
NUREG/KM-0004 Fuel Behavior under Abnormal Conditions
NUREG/KM-0003 Fire Protection and Fire Research Knowledge Management Digest, 2013
- Revision 1
The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Fire of 1975 Knowledge Management Digest
NUREG/KM-0001 Three Mile Island Accident of 1979 Knowledge Management Digest
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