Brochures Prepared by NRC Staff

Brief publications about NRC programs, designed for the general public and licensees. Other brochures may be available in ADAMS.

Document Identifier Title
NUREG/BR-0006 Instructions for Completing Nuclear Material Transaction Reports (DOE/NRC Forms 741 and 740M)
NUREG/BR-0007 Instructions for the Preparation and Distribution of Material Status Reports (DOE/NRC Forms 742 and 742C)
NUREG/BR-0010 Citizen's Guide to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information
NUREG/BR-0024 Working Safely in Gamma Radiography: A Training Manual for Industrial Radiographers
NUREG/BR-0046 NRC Telephone Directory
NUREG/BR-0050 ACNW Action Plan: FY 2005 – FY 2006
NUREG/BR-0053 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations Handbook
NUREG/BR-0058 Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0075 NRC Field Policy Manual
NUREG/BR-0086 The Individual Development Plan (IDP) Process: An Employee's Guide for Individual Development Career Planning
NUREG/BR-0096 Instructions and Guidance for Completing Physical Inventory Summary Reports (NRC Form 327)
NUREG/BR-0098 Safety and Occupational Health Program For Managers and Supervisors: What YOU Should Know
NUREG/BR-0099 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0108 Radioactive Scrap — Be Aware! (Poster)
NUREG/BR-0111 Transporting Spent Fuel: Protection Provided Against Severe Highway and Railroad Accidents
NUREG/BR-0117 NMSS Quarterly Newsletters
NUREG/BR-0121 Regulating the Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste: A Guide to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's 10 CFR Part 61
NUREG/BR-0128 A Guide to Open Commission Meetings
NUREG/BR-0133 Working Safely with Nuclear Gauges
NUREG/BR-0135 Drug-Free Workplace Program
NUREG/BR-0146 The IG at the NRC: Office of the Inspector General
NUREG/BR-0147 Fraud Awareness
NUREG/BR-0150 Response Technical Manual 96 (TRM-96)
NUREG/BR-0164 NRC — Independent Regulator of Nuclear Safety
NUREG/BR-0167 Software Quality Assurance Program and Guidelines
NUREG/BR-0168 Guide for Information Technology Security: Policy for Processing Unclassified Safeguards Information (SGI) on NRC Computers
NUREG/BR-0175 A Short History of Nuclear Regulation, 1946–2009
NUREG/BR-0204 Instructions for Completing NRC's Uniform Low-Level Radioactive Waste Manifest
NUREG/BR-0215 Public Involvement in the Nuclear Regulatory Process
NUREG/BR-0216 Radioactive Waste: Production, Storage, Disposal 
NUREG/BR-0217 The Regulation and Use of Radioisotopes in Today's World
NUREG/BR-0224 Guidelines for Conducting Public Meetings
NUREG/BR-0240 Reporting Safety Concerns to the NRC
NUREG/BR-0249 The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel
NUREG/BR-0254 Payment Methods
NUREG/BR-0256 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and How It Works
NUREG/BR-0276 Reference for Regulatory Guidance Applicable to License Transfers
NUREG/BR-0277 Making Our Business Your Business
NUREG/BR-0280 Regulating Nuclear Fuel
NUREG/BR-0282 Nuclear Research Programs To Ensure Public Health and Safety
NUREG/BR-0283 Region I Entry Level Inspector Qualification Program
NUREG/BR-0284 Mixed Oxide Fuel News
NUREG/BR-0286 ACRS Action Plan: FY 2005–FY 2008
NUREG/BR-0291 Reactor License Renewal and Subsequent Renewal
NUREG/BR-0292 Safety of Spent Fuel Transportation
NUREG/BR-0294 Visit NRC's Redesigned Web Site
NUREG/BR-0297 NRC Public Meetings
NUREG/BR-0298 Nuclear Power Plant Licensing Process
NUREG/BR-0299 Web-Based Public Access to ADAMS
NUREG/BR-0301 Licensing Support Network for Documents Relating to the Yucca Mountain Licensing Proceeding Conducted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0303 Guidance for Performance-Based Regulation
NUREG/BR-0308 Effective Risk Communication
NUREG/BR-0309 Serving on the Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI): A Member's Guide
NUREG/BR-0310 Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response: Career Opportunities
NUREG/BR-0312 Alternate Fire Protection Rule for Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/BR-0313 Pre-Investigation Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
NUREG/BR-0314 Protecting Our Nation: A Report of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0316 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan
NUREG/BR-0317 Enforcement Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
NUREG/BR-0318 Effective Risk Communication: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Guidelines for Internal Risk Communication
NUREG/BR-0322 Radiation Protection and the NRC
NUREG/BR-0325 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Decommissioning Program
NUREG/BR-0326 NRC Inspector Field Observation Best Practices
NUREG/BR-0332 Training and Development Strategic Plan: Safety Through Knowledge
NUREG/BR-0333 Know Your EEO Rights: Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
NUREG/BR-0334 Materials Inspection & Licensing Handbook: Best Practices
NUREG/BR-0336 Information Guide for Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Proceedings at the NRC Las Vegas Hearing Facility
NUREG/BR-0338 Capture of E-mail Records
NUREG/BR-0342 Emergency Preparedness & Incident Response
NUREG/BR-0344 Know Your Rights: Limited English Proficiency (LEP)?
NUREG/BR-0345 Affirming LEP Access & Compliance in Federal and Federally Assisted Programs
NUREG/BR-0347 Let's Talk! Improving Performance Feedback Discussions for Employees and Supervisors
NUREG/BR-0352 Annual Fuel Cycle Information Exchange (FCIX) Program
NUREG/BR-0353 Davis-Besse Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation: Overview, Lessons Learned, and NRC Actions Based on Lessons Learned
NUREG/BR-0355 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Construction Inspection Program
NUREG/BR-0354 Student Education Employment Program
NUREG/BR-0356 New Reactors: Striving for Enhanced Safety
NUREG/BR-0357 Recruiter Handbook And Information Guide
NUREG/BR-0359 Modeling Potential Reactor Accident Consequences
NUREG/BR-0361 The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Fire of 1975 and the History of NRC Fire Regulations
NUREG/BR-0362 Protection of Safeguards Information: Requirements for Tribes Participating in the Advance Notification of Irradiated Reactor Fuel Shipments
NUREG/BR-0364 A Short History of Fire Safety Research Sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1975-2008
NUREG/BR-0451 Church Street Building: Parking And Transportation Services
NUREG/BR-0456 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Organizational Values
NUREG/BR-0457 Your Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
NUREG/BR-0458 Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos Division de Derechos Cililes (Your Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)
NUREG/BR-0459 Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination
NUREG/BR-0460 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Federally Assisted Programs
NUREG/BR-0462 Americans with Disabilities Act: A Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment
NUREG/BR-0464 Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committees
NUREG/BR-0465 Fire Protection and Fire Research Knowledge Management Digest
NUREG/BR-0466 Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
NUREG/BR-0468 Frequently Asked Questions About License Applications for New Nuclear Power Reactors
NUREG/BR-0470 Primer on Lean Six Sigma
NUREG/BR-0472 National Source Tracking System
NUREG/BR-0474 A Journey to Your Future: Make Discovering Your Career an Adventure
NUREG/BR-0475 Advisory Committee for African Americans
NUREG/BR-0476 2014-2015 New Reactor Program
NUREG/BR-0478 The Generic Issues Program
NUREG/BR-0500 Safety Culture Policy Statement
NUREG/BR-0506 Long-Term Research Program
NUREG/BR-0508 Reactor Oversight Process
NUREG/BR-0512 A Day in the Life of an NRC Resident Inspector
NUREG/BR-0514 Internal Control
NUREG/BR-0518 No Undue Risk: Regulating the Safety of Operating Nuclear Power Plant
NUREG/BR-0519 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Nonproliferation Considerations in the Licensing of Enrichment and Reprocessing Facilities
NUREG/BR-0520 State Programs at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0521 Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/BR-0522 Fire Protection for Operating Nuclear Power Plants and Decommissioning Reactors
NUREG/BR-0523 Mitigating Strategies: Safely Responding to Extreme Events
NUREG/BR-0524 Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program (CSARP)
NUREG/BR-0525 Office of Investigations
NUREG/BR-0526 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Role in the Five-Year Plan to Address Uranium Contamination in the Navajo Nation
NUREG/BR-0527 MACCS (MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System)
NUREG/BR-0528 Safety of Spent Fuel Storage
NUREG/BR-0529 The NRC Leadership Model
NUREG/BR-0530 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s International Assistance Program From the Atomic Energy Commission to Today
NUREG/BR-0531 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Safeguards Information Program: Helpful Resources for Applicants and Preapplicants

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