Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2022 Letter Reports

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Date Title Response
11/22/2022 Regulatory Guide 1.82, "Water Sources for Long-Term Recirculation Cooling Following a Loss-of-Coolant Accident (LOCA)," Revision 5  
11/22/2022 Final Letter on Draft 10 CFR Part 53 Rulemaking Language  
11/21/2022 SECY-22-0076, "Expansion on Current Policy on Potential Common-Cause Failures in Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems"  
10/21/2022 Draft SECY White Paper on Licensing and Regulating Fusion Energy Systems 11/07/2022
10/19/2022 Safety Evaluation for NuScale Topical Report, TR-0915-17772, “Methodology for Establishing the Technical Basis for Plume Exposure Emergency Planning Zones at NuScale Small Modular Reactor Plant Sites,” Revision 3  
09/27/2022 Draft Regulatory Guide 1.250, Revision 0, Dedication of Commercial-Grade Digital Instrumentation and Control Items for Use in Nuclear Power Plants 10/21/2022
08/02/2022 Fourth Interim Letter on 10 CFR Part 53 Rulemaking Language - FC - July 6-7, 2022 09/30/2022
05/18/2022 Report on the Safety Aspects of the Subsequent License Renewal Application Review of Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2  
04/28/2022 Rulemaking Plan for Revision of Embrittlement and Surveillance Requirements for High-Fluence Nuclear Power Plants in Long-Term Operation  
04/21/2022 Safety Evaluation for Topical Report NEDC-33922P, “BWRX-300 Containment Evaluation Method,” Revision 2  
04/21/2022 Safety Evaluation for Topical Report NEDO-33914, Revision 1, “BWRX-300 Advanced Civil Construction and Design Approach”  
04/04/2022 Integration of Source Term Activities in Support of Advanced Reactor Initiatives  
03/23/2022 Preliminary Proposed Rule Language and Guidance to Align Licensing Processes and Lessons Learned from Recent Reactor Licensing Activities  
02/28/2022 Report on the Safety Aspects of the Subsequent License Renewal Application Review of the North Anna Power Station, Units 1 and 2  
02/25/2022 Safety Evaluation for Holtec Licensing Topical Report HI-200750, Revision O, “Holtec Spent Fuel Pool Heat Up Calculations Methodology  
02/18/2022 NuScale Topical Report, TR-0920-71621-P, Revision 1, "Building Design and Analysis Methodology for Safety-Related Structures"  
02/17/2022 Preliminary rule Language for 10 CFR Part 53, Subpart F," Requirements for Operations," Interim Report 03/30/2022

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