Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2021 Letter Reports

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Date Title Response
05/30/2021 Preliminary Proposed Rule Language for 10 CFR Part 53, "Licensing and Regulation of Advanced Nuclear Reactors," Interim Report  

NuScale Topical Report - Control Room Staffing Plan

White Paper - Perspective on an Independent Shift Technical Advisor
04/21/2021 Regulatory Guide 4.26, “Volcanic Hazards Assessment for Proposed Nuclear Power Reactors Sites” 05/26/2021
03/31/2021 Uni-Directional Communications (Not Implemented in Software) from High Safety to Lower Safety Systems and Internal Plant to External Systems Connected  
03/30/2021 NRC Human Reliability Methods 04/29/2021
03/01/2021 Proposed Draft Regulatory Guide 1.105, Revision 4, Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation  
03/01/2021 Safety Evaluation for Topical Report NEDC-33911P, "BWRX-300 Containment Performance"  
03/01/2021 Review of Advanced Reactor Computer Code Evaluation 03/30/2021

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