Physical Security

on a purple background, there is a person in a suit that is pointing to a bright futuristic lock, and to the left, a group of hexagons with images inside of them, and in the center the words 'Emergency Plan' in white font.


Research and Development to develop and enhance methods, tools, and technologies that advance the technical basis necessary to optimize and modernize a nuclear facility’s security posture. The pathway will: (1) conduct R&D on aspects of risk-informed techniques for physical security to account for a dynamic adversary; (2) apply advanced modeling and simulation tools to better inform physical-security scenarios and reduce uncertainties in various force-on-force modeling results; (3) assess benefits from proposed enhancements and novel mitigation strategies and explore changes to best practices, guides, or regulation to enable modernization; and (4) enhance and provide the technical basis for stakeholders to employ new security methods, tools, and technologies to achieve physical security.