Issued Early Site Permit - Grand Gulf Site

System Energy Resources Inc. submitted its application for an early site permit (ESP) for the Grand Gulf site on October 16, 2003, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued the Grand Gulf ESP on April 5, 2007. For detail, see the following topics on this page:

Application Information

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Review Schedule

Milestone Completion Date Actual - A
Target - T
Receive early site permit application 10/21/03 - A
Press Release announcing receipt and availability 11/07/03 - A
Federal Register notice (FRN) published for receipt and availability 11/14/03 - A
FRN published announcing acceptance 12/01/03 - A
FRN published for Notice of Intent (environmental scoping process) 12/31/03 - A
Press Release announcing acceptance 01/13/04 - A
FRN published for mandatory hearing 01/16/04 - A
Environmental scoping meeting 01/21/04 - A
Scoping period ends 02/12/04 - A
1st inspection complete 02/13/04 - A
Deadline for filing petitions for intervention 02/17/04 - A
Environmental site audit 04/16/04 - A
Deadline for submitting contentions 05/03/04 - A
Environmental requests for additional information (RAIs) issued to applicant 07/02/04 - A
Applicant submits response to environmental RAIs 09/17/04 - A
Safety and emergency planning (EP) RAIs issued to the applicant 09/21/04 - A
Applicant submits responses to safety and EP RAIs 12/07/04 - A
Draft safety evaluation report (SER) issued 04/07/05 - A
Draft environmental impact statement (EIS) to EPA, Issue Notice of Availability 04/29/05 - A
ACRS subcommittee meeting on draft SER 05/16/05 - A
ACRS full committee meeting on draft SER 06/02/05 - A
Public meeting to discuss draft EIS 06/14/05 - A
Applicant submits responses to SER open items 06/21/05 - A
2nd inspection complete 06/23/05 - A
ACRS interim letter to Commission 06/24/05 - A
End of draft EIS comment period 07/14/05 - A
Optional final inspection complete N/A
Final SER issued 10/21/05 - A
Regional Administrator's Letter N/A
ACRS full committee meeting on final SER 12/08/05 - A
ACRS letter to Commission 12/23/05 - A
Final EIS issued to EPA/Issue Notice of Availability 04/07/06 - A
Final SER issued as NUREG 04/14/06 - A
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) initial decision 01/28/07 - A
Commission decision 03/27/07 - A

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Safety Evaluation Report

See NUREG-1840, "Safety Evaluation Report for an Early Site Permit (ESP) at the Grand Gulf Site."

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Environmental Impact Statement

See NUREG-1817,"Environmental Impact Statement for an Early Site Permit (ESP) at the Grand Gulf ESP Site."

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Grand Gulf Early Site Permit

On April 5, 2007, the NRC issued the Grand Gulf ESP for a site located approximately 25 miles south of the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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For additional information regarding the Grand Gulf ESP, please Contact a Public Affairs Officer.

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