Town Hall Meetings on Vendor Oversight

Welcome to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (USNRC's) Regulatory Town Hall Meetings on Vendor Oversight.

In 2021, the Quality Assurance and Vendor Inspection Branch (IQVB) in the Division of Reactor Oversight (DRO), Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR), began facilitating biennial public town hall meetings related to vendor oversight. The intention of these public town hall meetings is to bring together licensees, applicants, suppliers of basic components, industry organizations, and other stakeholders to discuss vendor oversight issues. The town hall meetings provide an open forum for exchanging information regarding oversight of the supply of components, and materials to both new and operating nuclear power plants. Since the NRC performs a limited number of vendor inspections each year, the vendor town hall meeting also allows the NRC to provide regulatory perspective to the industry on specific topics related to issues identified by the staff during routine vendor inspections.

The 2nd Town Hall Meeting on Vendor Oversight is tentatively scheduled for June, 2023. The NRC welcomes suggested topics for the next town hall meeting. Please contact Toni Sakadales at if you have suggested topics for the upcoming town hall meeting.

Past Town Hall Meetings on Vendor Oversight

2000s: 2021

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