Quality Assurance (QA) Inspections for New Reactor Licensing

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulates the construction and operation of new commercial nuclear power facilities. In doing so, the NRC performs inspections to determine whether licensees and their contractors are meeting the agency's requirements. In particular, the NRC reviews the quality assurance (QA) programs for commercial nuclear power plants, as well as any changes that reduce previous commitments to the plant’s QA program. For more detail, see the following topics on this page:

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QA Inspection Procedures

The NRC performs QA inspections to ensure that licensees and their contractors meet the following criteria:

  • QA plans, instructions, and procedures for specific safety-related activities have been implemented as outlined in the QA program description.
  • QA plans, instructions, and procedures conform to the QA program.

Toward that end, the NRC has established the following QA inspection procedures for design certifications, early site permits, and combined licenses:

IP# Issue Date Title
IP 35007 02/09/22 Quality Assurance Program Implementation During Construction and Pre-Construction Activities
IP 35017 12/10/20 Quality Assurance Implementation Inspection
IP 35034 03/23/20 Design Certification Testing Inspection
IP 36100 02/10/23 Inspection of 10 CFR Part 21 Programs for Reporting Defects and Noncompliance
Manual Chapter 0617 02/25/20 Vendor and Quality Assurance Implementation Inspection Reports
Manual Chapter 2501 07/02/20 Construction Inspection Program: Early Site Permit (ESP)
Manual Chapter 2502 07/02/20 Construction Inspection Program: Pre-Combined License (Pre-COL) Phase
Manual Chapter 2508 09/06/16 Construction Inspection Program: Design Certification

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QA Inspection and Audit Reports

Inspection and audit reports document the scope, observations, and findings of inspections and audits conducted by the NRC. The NRC performs inspections and audits to oversee the commercial nuclear industry to determine whether licensees and applicants (and their contractors) are meeting the agency's requirements. Toward that end, the NRC has conducted the following inspections for early site permit and combined license applications, and audits for pre-design certification and pre-combined license reviews.

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