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Document Number Description
10 CFR 50.54 Paragraph (jj) addressing Quality Standards
10 CFR 50.55 Paragraph (i) addressing Quality Standards
10 CFR 50.55a Codes and Standards, paragraph (h), Protection and safety systems
10 CFR 50.34 Paragraph (f)(2)(v), Bypass and Inoperable Status Indication
Paragraph (f)(2)(xi), Direct Indication of Relief and Safety Valve Position
Paragraph (f)(2)(xii), Auxiliary Feedwater System Automatic Initiation and Flow Indication
Paragraph (f)(2)(xvii), Accident Monitoring Instrumentation
Paragraph (f)(2)(xviii), Instrumentation for the Detection of Inadequate Core Cooling
Paragraph (f)(2)(xiv), Containment Isolation Systems
Paragraph (f)(2)(xix), Instruments for Monitoring Plant Conditions Following Core Damage
Paragraph (f)(2)(xx), Power for Pressurizer Level Indication and Controls for Pressurizer Relief and Block Valves
Paragraph 50.34(f)(2)(xxii), Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of Integrated Control System
Paragraph 50.34(f)(2)(xxiii), Anticipatory Trip on Loss of Main Feedwater or Turbine Trip
Paragraph 50.34(f)(2)(xxiv), Central Reactor Vessel Water Level Recording
10 CFR 50.62 Requirements for Reduction of Risk from Anticipated Transients without Scram
10 CFR 52.47 Paragraph (b)(1), Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria for Standard Design Certification
10 CFR 52.80 Paragraph (a), Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria for Combined Licensee Applications
10 CFR Part 50, Appendix A General Design Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants, Criterion 1, 2, 4, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 33, 34,35, 38, 41 and 44.

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Staff Review Guidance

Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants (NUREG-0800)

Document Number Description
NUREG-0800, Chapter 7 Instrumentation and controls
The Standard Review Plan (SRP) Chapter 7 guidance that addresses digital I&C topics is as follows:


  • Section 7.0 and Appendix 7.0-A describe the overall review process for digital systems.
  • Section 7.1-A identifies acceptance criteria and regulatory guidance expected to apply to important to safety I&C and supporting systems.
  • Table 7.1 lists the regulatory requirements, acceptance criteria, and guidance relevant to I&C and summarizes their applicability to each of the typical systems.
  • Appendix 7.1-A discusses the regulatory requirements, acceptance criteria, and guidance in more detail and provides review guidance for each.
  • Appendix 7.1-B provides guidance with respect to review according to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Std 279-1971 (referenced in 10 CFR 50.55a(h)).
  • Appendix 7.1-C provides guidance with respect to review according to IEEE Std. 603-1991 (referenced in 10 CFR 50.55a(h)).
  • Appendix 7.1-D provides guidance for evaluation of conformance to IEEE Std. 7-4.3.2
  • Sections 7.2 through 7.9 focus on systems that include references to digital system guidance in Section 7.1: Reactor Trip System, Engineered Safety Features Systems, Safe Shutdown Systems, Information Systems Important to Safety, Interlock Systems Important to Safety, Control Systems, Diverse Instrumentation and Control Systems, and Data Communication Systems.
  • Appendix 7-A includes the following Branch Technical Positions (BTP) that address digital system issues:
    • BTP 7-1, "Guidance on Isolation of Low-Pressure Systems from the High-Pressure Reactor Coolant System"
    • BTP 7-2, "Guidance on Requirements of Motor-Operated Valves in the Emergency Core Cooling System Accumulator Lines"
    • BTP 7-3, "Guidance on Protection System Trip Point Changes for Operation with Reactor Coolant Pumps Out of Service"
    • BTP 7-4, "Guidance on Design Criteria for Auxiliary Feedwater Systems"
    • BTP 7-5, "Guidance on Spurious Withdrawals of Single Control Rods in Pressurized Water Reactors"
    • BTP 7-6, "Guidance on Design of Instrumentation and Controls Provided to Accomplish Changeover from Injection to Recirculation Mode"
    • BTP 7-8, "Guidance for Application of Regulatory Guide 1.22"
    • BTP 7-9, "Guidance on Requirements for Reactor Protection System Anticipatory Trips"
    • BTP 7-10, "Guidance on Application of Regulatory Guide 1.97"
    • BTP 7-11, "Guidance on Application and Qualification of Isolation Devices"
    • BTP 7-12, "Guidance on Establishing and Maintaining Instrument Setpoints"
    • BTP 7-13, "Guidance on Cross-Calibration of Protection System Resistance Temperature Detectors"
    • BTP 7-14, "Guidance on Software Reviews for Digital I&C"
    • BTP 7-17, "Guidance on Self-Test and Surveillance Testing"
    • BTP 7-18, "Guidance on Use of Programmable Logic Controllers"
    • BTP 7-19, "Guidance on Evaluation of Defense-in-Depth and Diversity (D3) of Digital I&C"
    • BTP 7-21, "Guidance on Digital Computer Real-Time Performance"

I&C Staff Review Guidance Specific to Non-Light Water Reactors, Design Review Guide

Document Number Description
Design Review Guide Design Review Guide (DRG): Instrumentation and Controls for Non-Light-Water Reactor (Non-LWR) Reviews

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Interim Staff Guidance

The Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) documents for digital I&C were developed to clarify or to address issues not discussed in a Standard Review Plan (SRP).

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Regulatory Guides

Regulatory Guides (RG) provide guidance to licensees and applicants on implementing specific parts of the NRC’s regulations, techniques used by the NRC staff in evaluating specific problems or postulated accidents, and data needed by the staff in its review of applications for permits or licenses.
SRP Table 7-1, Revision 6, identifies the following regulatory guides as applicable to Instrumentation and Control Systems Important to Safety.  To access all NRC Regulatory Guides, please visit the NRC Regulatory Guides page.

Document Number Description
RG 1.22, Revision 0 Periodic Testing of Protection System Actuation Functions
RG 1.28, Revision 5 Quality Assurance Program Criteria (Design And Construction)
RG 1.47, Revision 1 Bypassed and Inoperable Status Indication for Nuclear Power Plant Safety System
RG 1.53, Revision 2 Application of the Single-Failure Criterion to Safety Systems
RG 1.62, Revision 1 Manual Initiation of Protection Actions
RG 1.70, Revision 3 Standard Format and Content of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.75, Revision 3 Independence of Electrical Safety Systems
RG 1.97,
Revision 4
Revision 3
Revision 2
Instrumentation for Light Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plants to Assess Plant Conditions During and Following an Accident and Criteria for Accident Monitoring Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.100, Revision 3 Seismic Qualification of Electric and Mechanical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.105, Revision 3 Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation
RG 1.118, Revision 3 Periodic Testing of Electric Power and Protection Systems
RG 1.151, Revision 1 Instrument Sensing Lines
RG 1.152, Revision 3 Criteria for Use of Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.168, Revision 2 Verification, Validation, Reviews and Audits for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety System of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.169, Revision 1 Configuration Management Plans for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.170, Revision 1 Software Test Documentation for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.171, Revision 1 Software Unit Testing for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.172, Revision 1 Software Requirements Specifications for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.173, Revision 1 Developing Software Life Cycle Processes for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.174, Revision 3 An Approach for Using Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Risk-Informed Decisions on Plant-Specific Changes to the Licensing Basis
RG 1.177, Revision 1 An Approach for Plant-Specific Risk-Informed Decision Making: Technical Specifications
RG 1.180, Revision 1 Guidelines for Evaluating Electromagnetic and Radio- Frequency Interference in Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control Systems
RG 1.189, Revision 3 Fire Protection for Operating Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.200, Revision 2 An Approach for Determining the Technical Adequacy of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Results for Risk-Informed Activities
RG 1.204, 11/2005 Guidelines for Lightning Protection of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.206, 2007 Combined License Applications for Nuclear Power Plants (LWR Edition)
RG 1.209, 03/2007 Guidelines for Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Computer-Based Instrumentation and Control Systems in Nuclear Power Plants

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