Interim Staff Guidance Associated with Digital Instrumentation & Controls

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Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) Number Topic Status/Comments
DI&C-ISG-01 Cyber Security

This guidance was incorporated into Regulatory Guide (RG) 5.71, Cyber Security Programs for Nuclear Facilities,” and RG 1.152, Revision 3, “Criteria for Use of Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants.”
DI&C-ISG-02 Diversity and Defense-in-Depth (D3)

This guidance was incorporated into Branch Technical Position 7-19, Revision 6, "Guidance for Evaluation of Diversity and Defense-in-Depth on Digital Computer-Based Instumentation and Control Systems".

DI&C-ISG-03 Risk-Informed Digital Instrumentation and Controls

The NRC staff incorporated the approved DI&C-ISG-03 into Revision 3 to Section 19.0 of NUREG-0800 dated January 2016.

On May 17, 2019, the NRC closed DI&C-ISG-03 (84 FR 22522).

DI&C-ISG-04 Highly Integrated Control Rooms & Digital Communication Systems Closed

This guidance was incorporated into RG 1.152, Rev 4 (88 FR 47754) July 2023.
DI&C-ISG-05 Highly Integrated Control Rooms – Human Factors
This guidance was incorporated into NUREG-0800, Chapter 18, Revision 3, Human Factors Engineering.
DI&C-ISG-06 Licensing Process Active

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