Modernizing the Regulatory Infrastructure for Digital I&C

Operating reactors in the U.S. want to efficiently integrate and implement digital upgrades into plant systems to address obsolescence issues with instrumentation and control (I&C) components, overall plant reliability, and other factors. In addition, new reactor designs continue to employ highly integrated digital I&C designs for safe and efficient operation of future plants. Over the past several years, the NRC, in collaboration with stakeholders, extensively modernized its regulatory infrastructure associated with digital I&C. As a result, licensees are making digital I&C upgrades under 10 CFR 50.59 and have begun making more extensive upgrades that require license amendments.

I&C Regulatory Infrastructure Mapping

The NRC staff developed a detailed I&C regulatory infrastructure mapping presentation to assist with the identification of applicable regulations, guidance, and standards for various I&C technical areas.

Image of I&C Regulatory Infrastructure Technical Areas

In addition, the staff created a website that describes the digital I&C guidance specific to non-light water reactors.

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Recent Policy and Guidance Updates

  • SRM-SECY-22-0076 "Expansion of Current Policy on Potential Common-Cause Failures in Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems"
  • RG 1.250, Revision 0, "Dedication of Commercial-Grade Digital I&C Items for Use in Nuclear power Plants"
  • RG 1.152, Revision. 4, "Criteria for Use of Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants"

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