T6 How AI and I Became Friends: The Next Steps for the AI Journey

The NRC has embarked on its artificial intelligence (AI) journey to ensure the safe and secure use of AI in NRC-regulated activities. In this rapidly evolving technology field, industry, academia, and government agencies are making significant progress in using AI and facing similar challenges in evaluating its safety and security. This session will highlight the preparations and progress made by each organization in the technical and regulatory considerations associated with using and evaluating AI. The session will also highlight to the audience how the NRC is progressing on its AI journey, what barriers exist to evaluating the safety and security of AI technology, and how the agency is moving forward in putting its AI Strategic Plan into action. Lastly, the panelists will discuss enablers in their organizations and challenges that must be overcome to fully harness the potential of AI.
  • Paul Krohn, Deputy Director, Division of Operating Reactor Safety, RI/NRC
  • Matthew Dennis, Reactor System Engineer (Data Scientist), Accident Analysis Branch, , Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC e-mail: Matthew.Dennis@nrc.gov
  • Alfred (Trey) Hathaway, Reactor Systems Engineer, Accident Analysis Branch, Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC e-mail: Alfred.Hathaway@nrc.gov

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