NRC's Annual Regulatory Information Conference

See you at the 2024 RIC!
Welcome to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s 36th Annual Regulatory Information Conference. Once a year, the agency joins with colleagues and representatives from international bodies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, the industry, and interested members of the public for an immersive multi-day conference focused on the most pressing issues in the nuclear field. With a broad scope that covers topics ranging from novel policy matters to detailed technical challenges, the various panels and presentations we have planned are sure to inspire substantive dialogue and encourage forward thinking. As always, we welcome your feedback at the end of the event so the NRC can continue to make the Regulatory Information Conference better each year.

My Commission colleagues and I look forward to sharing our perspectives on nuclear regulation with you. On the behalf of the Commission and the NRC staff, I thank you for attending and wish you an engaging and enjoyable conference.

Christoper T. Hanson
Chair, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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