T5 Building on a Strong Foundation: A Voyage through Risk Informed Decision–Making

This session will highlight the numerous advances that the NRC and the industry have made in using risk-informed decision-making (RIDM), the benefits derived from these advances, and perspectives on the future of planned activities related to PRA research, guidance, and tools to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the NRC's risk–informed processes. The NRC and the nuclear industry have come a long way in using RIDM and in developing related guidance and infrastructure since 2018. Examples include the risk informed initiatives associated with surveillance frequency (Technical Specification Task Force (TSTF) 425, "Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control—RITSF Initiative 5b"), extended completion times (TSTF-505, "Provide Risk-Informed Extended Completion Times—RITSTF Initiative 4B"), and categorization and treatment of systems, structures, and components (Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations 50.69, "Risk-informed categorization and treatment of structures, systems and components for nuclear power reactors"), including safety enhancements that staff and licensees have identified from the NRC's review and licensee implementation of the risk informed initiatives. The session will also highlight novel and innovative approaches to leveraging RIDM across the operating, new, and advanced reactors to focus the NRC's and industry's resources on issues of greatest safety–significance.  Important advances have been achieved through innovative projects, where the NRC has leveraged integrated review teams, the Risk–Informed Process for Evaluations (RIPE), and licensing modernization of advanced reactors. Finally, the staff is advancing the RIDM infrastructure to address the increased adoption of more complex risk-informed applications, advancements in PRA technology and risk tools, and the emergence of new designs and operational concepts.
  • Andrea Kock, Deputy Office Director for Engineering, NRR/NRC
  • Andrew Mihalik, Reliability and Risk Analyst, PRA Licensing Oversight Branch, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC e-mail: Andrew.Mahalik@nrc.gov
  • Stacey Rosenberg, Senior Reliability and Risk Analyst, PRA Licensing Branch C, Division of Reactor Assessment, NRR/NRC e-mail: Stacey.Rosenberg@nrc.gov

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