Amir Afzali

Amir Afzali is the CEO of the newly formed Nuclear Consulting Group. In this role, Amir works with the private and public sectors on regulatory and policy topics to enable nuclear to be a viable option for providing clean, affordable, and reliable energy. Amir has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry and over 40 years of experience in applying Risk-Informed/Performance-Based techniques.

Previous to this role, Amir acted as the Licensing and Policy Director for Advanced Reactors for Southern Company. He led development, execution, and communication of regulatory and policy plans for enabling advanced reactors to be an option for Southern Company. Examples of his work in this area include being the principal investigator for the Licensing Modernization Project where a technology inclusive risk-informed-performance-based approach was developed to enable a rationalist approach for establishing an advanced reactor's safety case.

Previous to that Amir was the Risk-Informed Engineering Department Director at Southern Nuclear Company. In this role, he closely collaborated with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and industry partners to pilot a number of Risk-Informed/Performance-Based (RIPB) programs.   These efforts resulted in Southern Company's nuclear fleet, improving safety, gaining significant operational flexibility, and benefit from cost savings as well as paving the way for the other utilities to deploy these First-of-A-Kind (FOAK) programs.

Amir has also worked in various roles at Diablo Canyon Power Plant and Dominion Energy as well as a couple of consulting firms, where he led progressive deployment of innovative solutions through use of practical strategies and tactical steps.

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