TH20 The Future Focused Research Program: Reimagined Research

This session will present current projects from the Future Focused Research (FFR) Program. The FFR Program is an employee-driven program initiated in fiscal year 2020 that encourages NRC staff inquiry into technology advancements in nuclear-related applications. The RES Office Director will introduce the program's purpose and its proposal submittal and evaluation processes, followed by individual presentations by principal investigators on 4 of our 24 FFR projects. Presentations will include each project's purpose, status, challenges, and summary of research results. These four projects are representative of projects conducted over the program's 4 years and include a project from the just-initiated fiscal year 2023 group. Presentations will consist of slides and discussions that explain research approaches and results, including how FFR projects relate to NRC interests, known technical knowledge gaps, and regulatory needs. Questions submitted during the presentations will be answered as time permits.
  • Introductory Remarks
    Ray Furstenau, Office Director, RES/NRC
  • Use Unsupervised Machine Learning to Prioritize Inspections
    James Chang, Reliability & Risk Engineer, Human Factors & Reliability Branch, Division of Risk Analysis, RES/NRC
  • Applicability of Current Atmospheric Dispersion Models for Extreme, Persistent Cold Locations
    Michael Mazaika, Physical Scientist (Meteorologist), External Hazards Branch, Division of Engineering and External Hazards, NRR/NRC
  • Integration of Security, Safety, and Safeguards (SSS) During Design and Operations
    Albert Tardiff, Senior Security Specialist, Materials Security Branch, Division of Physical & Cyber Security Policy, RES/NRC
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering Applied to Digital Instrumentation and Controls
    Derek Halverson, I&C Engineer, Instrumentation Controls & Electrical Engineering Branch, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC
  • James Steckel, Program Manager, Regulatory Guide and Programs Management Branch, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC e-mail:

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