T1 Am I A Robot?—How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Impacting the NRC and Nuclear Industry

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is committed to enabling the use of new technologies, especially those that can make NRC-regulated facilities safer and more secure. Advances in computing technologies have increased the interest of public and private organizations in using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance safety and security, improve business processes, leverage historical and current data, identify research needs, and realize the potential of autonomous control and operation. This session will highlight how the NRC is preparing for AI, applications for which the industry is exploring its usage, how other international entities are investigating its potential, and the valuable experience brought by other Federal partners. Finally, the panelists will discuss enablers in their organizations and challenges that must be overcome to fully harness the potential of AI.




  • Matthew Dennis, Reactor Systems Engineer/Data Scientist, Accident Analysis Branch, Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC e-mail: Matthew.Dennis@nrc.gov

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