Completed Risk-Informed Activities

The following risk-informed activities were removed from the public website because they are no longer active.

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FY 2017 Completed or Not Active

  • Risk Prioritization Initiatives (RPI)
  • Emergency Core-Cooling System (ECCS) Requirements: Redefinition of Loss-of-Coolant Accidents (LOCA)
  • Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) Requirements: Loss of Coolant Accident and Loss of Offsite Power (ECCS-LOCA/LOOP)
  • Risk-Informed In-service Inspection (ISI)
  • Standard Review Plan, Chapter 19.0 Severe Accidents (NUREG-0800) Staff Review of NuScale Licensing Topical Report on Risk Significance Determination
  • Use of Risk Insights to Enhance Technical Reviews of Design Certification (DC) Applications
  • Revise the Fuel Cycle Oversight Program (RFCOP)
  • Enhance Regulatory Framework for Extended Storage and Transportation
  • Risk Management Regulatory Framework (RMRF)

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FY 2018 Completed or Not Active

  • NRC Grow Your Own PRA Capability
  • Interim Staff Guidance on PRA Technical Adequacy for Advanced Light Water Reactors
  • Methods, Tools and Guidance for Including Digital Systems in Nuclear Power Plant PRAs

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FY 2019 Completed or Not Active

  • Consequential SG Tube Rupture Probability and Consequence Assessment
  • Implementation of Lessons Learned from Uranium Accumulation Event
  • Medical Use of Byproduct Materials 10CFR35 – Medical Event Definitions, Training and Experience, and Clarifying Amendments
  • Increasing License Terms for Uranium Recovery Facilities
  • Aligning the Inspection Hours with the Stage of Decommissioning for Power Reactors

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FY 2020 Completed or Not Active

  • Extension of Timeframe for Uranium Recovery Inspection
  • Multi-Layered National Security Framework and Design Basis Threat

The ADAMS package for all years is ML20358A224

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