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Results of Previous CRGR Reviews – 2018

Draft Proposed Rulemaking 10 CFR Part 74, “Material Control and Accounting of Special Nuclear Material.” Complex Review 08/16/2018 CRGR #456 Endorsed
(rule not issued)
Draft Proposed RIS 2018-XX, "National Terrorism Advisory System and Protective Measures For the Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material." Informal 03/07/2018 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
Regulatory Guide 5.69, "Guidance for the Application of Radiological Sabotage Design-Basis Threat in the Design, Development and Implementation of a Physical Security Program that Meets 10 CFR 73.55 Requirements" Formal 11/30/2017, 01/16/2018, 02/22/2018 CRGR #452, #454, #455
(one meeting minute)
Partially endorsed,
(remaining items will be reviewed separately)

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