Results of Previous CRGR Reviews – 2009

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2008-09, "Use Of Multiple Dosimetry And Compartment Factors In Determining Effective Dose Equivalent From External Radiation Exposures" Informal Review 01/06/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Information Summary 2009-02, "Use of Containment Atmosphere Gaseous Radioactivity Monitors as Reactor Coolant System Leakage Detection Equipment at Nuclear Power Reactors" Informal Review 01/14/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-21, Rev. 1, "Adherence to Licensed Power Limits" Informal Review 02/13/2009 N/A Waived
Proposed NRC Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2009-xx, "Inclusion of External Events in Maintenance Rule 10 CFR 50.65(a)(4) Assessments" Formal Review 02/19/2009 CRGR #422, ML090550074 The discussion concluded with the staff proposing to withdraw the RIS and to further study the issue and plan to return to the committee at a later date.
NRC Regulatory Information Summary, 2009-04, "Steam Generator Tube Inspection Requirements" Informal Review 03/06/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-08, "Process for Test Controls Associated With Performing Initial Validity Tests and Drug Tests Described in 10 CFR Part 26, Subpart F" Informal Review 06/10/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-06, "Importance of Giving NRC Advance Notice of Intent to Pursue License Renewal" Informal Review 06/11/2009 N/A Waived
CRGR Internal Discussion None 06/12/2009 CRGR #423 ML091670501 The CRGR reviewed the proposed draft plans for addressing the recommendations in the Office of the Inspector General audit on the CRGR (February 3, 2009, OIG-09-A-06).
Proposed Draft Guide 1218 (Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.205), "Risk Informed, Performance-Based Fire Protection for Existing Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants" Formal Review 07/13/2009 CRGR #424 ML091960108 The CRGR concluded that, as written, the proposed draft regulatory guide does not contain any backfit as it describes one acceptable approach for implementing the requirements of 10 CFR 50.48(c).
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-11, "Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations" Informal Review 07/15/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-13, "Emergency Response Data System Upgrade From Modem to Virtual Private Network Appliance" Informal Review 09/15/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2010-05, "Applicability of 10 CFR Part 21 Requirements to Applicants for Standard Design Certifications" Informal Review 10/15/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-XX, "Inservice Inspection and Testing Requirements Of Dynamic Restraints (Snubbers)" (Released version number, RIS 2010-06) Informal Review 11/16/2009 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2010-04, "Monitoring the Status of Regulated Activities During a Pandemic" Informal Review 11/16/2009 N/A Waived

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