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Research Programs

The NRC conducts confirmatory regulatory research in partnership with nuclear safety agencies and institutes in more than 20 countries. This research supports regulatory decisions on emerging technologies, aging equipment and facilities, and various other safety issues. NRC and other nuclear regulatory and safety organizations carry out cooperative research projects to achieve mutual research needs with greater efficiency.

CSARP: The Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program. This cooperation facilitates joint information exchange, periodic analysis, and data for additional code validation and verification.

CAMP: NRC and international partners have formed the Code Applications and Maintenance Program to exchange information on thermal-hydraulic safety issues related to reactor and plant systems. The group meets twice a year.

SGTIP: The cooperative Steam Generator Tube Integrity Program provides data and analysis for predicting the ability of degraded steam generator tubes to withstand normal operating and accident conditions.

RAMP: The NRC and international partners have initiated the Radiological Protection Computer Code Analysis and Maintenance Program (RAMP) for the development, maintenance, and distribution of radiation protection, dose assessment, and emergency response computer codes.

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