Regulatory Guides Related to Fire Protection

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issues regulatory guides to describe (to licensees, applicants, and the public) methods that the staff considers acceptable for use in implementing specific parts of the agency's regulations, to explain techniques that the staff uses in evaluating specific problems or postulated accidents, and to provide data that the staff needs in its review of applications for permits or licenses. Regulatory guides are not substitutes for regulations, and compliance with regulatory guides is not required. The following table lists (in chronological order) the regulatory guides that the NRC has issued regarding topics related to fire protection for licensed facilities and materials. The complete collection of regulatory guides is available through the NRC Library.

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Document # Document Title
RG 1.39 Housekeeping Requirements for Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.52,
Revision 3
Design, Inspection, and Testing Criteria for Air Filtration and Adsorption Units of Post-Accident Engineered-Safety-Feature Atmosphere Cleanup Systems in Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.75,
Revision 3
Criteria for Independence of Electric Systems
RG 1.91,
Revision 1
Evaluations of Explosions Postulated To Occur on Transportation Routes Near Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.170 Software Test Documentation for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.174,
Revision 1
An Approach for Using Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Risk-Informed Decisions on Plant-Specific Changes to the Licensing Basis
RG 1.175 An Approach for Plant-Specific, Risk-Informed Decisionmaking: Inservice Testing
RG 1.189,
Revision 2
Fire Protection for Nuclear Power Plants
RG 1.191 Fire Protection Program for Nuclear Power Plants During Decommissioning and Permanent Shutdown
RG 1.205,
Revision 1
Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire Protection for Existing Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants
RG 3.16 General Fire Protection Guide for Plutonium Processing and Fuel Fabrication Plants