Fire Protection NUREG Publications Prepared by NRC Contractors

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) provides guidance to licensees and applicants by issuing NUREG-series publications regarding regulatory decisions, research results, results of incident investigations, and other technical and administrative information. NUREG-series publications disseminate scientific, technical, and administrative information dealing with licensing and regulation of civilian nuclear facilities and materials. Publications in the NUREG series may neither state nor imply any regulatory requirements, since such requirements are stated only in laws, regulations, licenses (including technical specifications), or orders. In other words, the NRC staff may suggest a course of action in a NUREG-series publication, but the regulated community may use other approaches to satisfy the agency's regulatory requirements.

The following table lists the contractor-prepared NUREG-series publications that the NRC has issued regarding topics related to fire protection for licensed facilities and materials. Related pages provide access to staff-prepared NUREG-series publications, as well as NUREG-series conference proceedings and brochures. The complete collection of NUREG-series publications is available through the NRC Library or the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS).

Document Identifier Title
NUREG/CR-0152 Development and Verification of Fire Tests for Cable Systems and System Components
NUREG/CR-0381 A Preliminary Report on Fire Protection Research Program Fire Barriers and Fire Retardant Coatings Tests
NUREG/CR-0468 Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection - Fire Barriers
NUREG/CR-0488 Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection - Fire Detection
NUREG/CR-0596 A Preliminary Report on Fire Protection Research Program, Fire Barriers and Suppression
NUREG/CR-0636 Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection - Ventilation
NUREG/CR-0654 Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection - Fire-Hazards Analysis
NUREG/CR-0833 Fire Protection Research Program Corner Effects Tests
NUREG/CR-1156 Environmental Assessment of Ionization Chamber Smoke Detectors Containing Am-241
NUREG/CR-1184 Evaluation of Simulator Adequacy for the Radiation Qualification of Safety-Related Equipment
NUREG/CR-1405 The NACOM Code for Analysis of Postulated Sodium Spray Fires in LMFBRs
NUREG/CR-1552 Development and Verification of Fire Tests for Cable Systems and System Components
NUREG/CR-1614 Approaches to Acceptable Risk: A Critical Guide
NUREG/CR-1682 Electrical Insulators in a Reactor Accident Environment
NUREG/CR-1798 Acceptance and Verification For Early Warning Fire Detection Systems
NUREG/CR-1819 Development and Testing Of A Model for Fire Potential in Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-1916 A Risk Comparison
NUREG/CR-1930 Index of Risk Exposure and Risk Acceptance Criteria
NUREG/CR-2040 A Study of the Implications of Applying Quantitative Risk Criteria in the Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants in the United States
NUREG/CR-2258 Fire Risk Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-2269 Probabilistic Models for the Behavior of Compartment Fires
NUREG/CR-2300 PRA Procedures Guide: A Guide to the Performance of Probabilistic Risk Assessments for Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-2321 Investigation of Fire Stop Test Parameters Final Report
NUREG/CR-2377 Test and Criteria for Fire Protection Of Cable Penetrations
NUREG/CR-2409 Requirements for Establishing Detector Siting Criteria in Fires Involving Electrical Materials
NUREG/CR-2431 Burn Mode Analysis of Horizontal Cable Tray Fires
NUREG/CR-2475 Hydrogen Combustion Characteristics Related to Reactor Accidents
NUREG/CR-2486 Final Results of the Hydrogen Igniter Experimental Program
NUREG/CR-2490 Hazards to Nuclear Power Plants from Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spills on Water
NUREG/CR-2607 Fire Protection Research Program for the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1975-1981
NUREG/CR-2650 Allowable Shipment Frequencies for the Transport of Toxic Gases Near Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-2658 Characteristics of Combustion Products: A Review of the Literature
NUREG/CR-2726 Light Water Reactor Hydrogen Manual
NUREG/CR-2730 Hydrogen Burn Survival: Preliminary Thermal Model and Test Results
NUREG/CR-2815 Probabilistic Safety Analysis Procedures Guide
NUREG/CR-2868 Aging Effects on Fire-Retardant Additives in Organic Materials for Nuclear Plant Applications
NUREG/CR-2927 Nuclear Power Plant Electrical Cable Damageability Experiments
NUREG/CR-3037 A Computer Code to Estimate Accidental Fire and Airborne Releases in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities Radioactive
NUREG/CR-3122 Potentially Damaging Failure Modes of High- and Medium-Voltage Electrical Equipment
NUREG/CR-3139 Scenarios and Analytical Methods for UF6 Releases at NRC-Licensed Fuel Cycle Facilities
NUREG/CR-3192 Investigation of Twenty-Foot Separation Distance as a Fire Protection Method as Specified in 10 CFR 50, Appendix R
NUREG/CR-3239 COMPBRN - A Computer Code for Modeling Compartment Fires
NUREG/CR-3242 The Los Alamos National Laboratory/New Mexico State University Filter Plugging Test Facility Description and Preliminary Test Results
NUREG/CR-3263 Status Report: Correlation of Electrical Cable Failure with Mechanical Degradation
NUREG/CR-3330 Vulnerability of Nuclear Power Plant Structures to Large External Fires
NUREG/CR-3385 Measures of Risk Importance And Their Applications
NUREG/CR-3468 Hydrogen: Air: Steam Flammability Limits and Combustion Characteristics in the FITS Vessel
NUREG/CR-3493 A Review of the Limerick Generating Station Severe Accident Risk Assessment
NUREG/CR-3521 Hydrogen-Burn Survival Experiments at Fully Instrumented Test Site (FITS)
NUREG/CR-3527 Material Transport Analysis for Accident-Induced Flow in Nuclear Facilities
NUREG/CR-3532 Response of Rubber Insulation Materials to Monoenergetic Electron Irradiations
NUREG/CR-3629 The Effect of Thermal and Irradiation Aging Simulation Procedures on Polymer Properties
NUREG/CR-3638 Hydrogen-Steam Jet-Flame Facility and Experiments
NUREG/CR-3656 Evaluation of Suppression Methods for Electrical Cable Fires
NUREG/CR-3719 Detonation Calculations Using a Modified Version of CSQII: Examples for Hydrogen-Air Mixtures
NUREG/CR-3735 Accident-Induced Flow and Material Transport in Nuclear Facilities-A Literature Review
NUREG/CR-3922 Survey and Evaluation of System Interaction Events and Sources
NUREG/CR-4112 Investigation of Cable and Cable System Fire Test Parameters
NUREG/CR-4138 Data Analyses for Nevada Test Site (NTS) Premixed Combustion Tests
NUREG/CR-4229 Evaluation of Current Methodology Employed in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) of Fire Events at Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-4230 Probability-Based Evaluation of Selected Fire Protection Features in Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-4231 Evaluation of Available Data, for, Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRA) of Fire Events at Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-4264 Investigation of High-efficiency Particulate Air Filter Plugging by Combustion Aerosols
NUREG/CR-4310 Investigation of Potential Fire-Related Damage to Safety-Related Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-4321 Full-Scale Measurements of Smoke Transport and Deposition in Ventilation System Ductwork
NUREG/CR-4330 Review of Light Water Reactor Regulatory Requirements Identification of Regulatory Requirements That May Have Marginal Importance To Risk
NUREG/CR-4479 The Use of a Field Model to Assess Fire Behavior in Complex Nuclear Power Plant Enclosures: Present Capabilities and Future Prospects
NUREG/CR-4517 Design Features for Enhancing International Safeguards of Away-from- Reactor Dry Storage for Spent LWR Fuel
NUREG/CR-4527 An Experimental Investigation of Internally Ignited Fires in Nuclear Power Plant Control Cabinets
NUREG/CR-4534 Analysis of Diffusion Flame Tests
NUREG/CR-4561 FIRAC User's Manual: A Computer Code to Simulate Fire Accidents in Nuclear Facilities
NUREG/CR-4566 COMPBRN III - A Computer Code for Modeling Compartment Fires
NUREG/CR-4570 Description and Testing of an Apparatus for Electrically Initiating Fires Through Simulation of a Faulty Connection
NUREG/CR-4586 User Guide for a Personal-Computer-Based Nuclear Power Plan Fire Data Base
NUREG/CR-4596 Screening Tests of Representative Nuclear Power Plant Components Exposed to Secondary Environments Created by Fires
NUREG/CR-4638 Transient Fire Environment Cable Damageability Test Results
NUREG/CR-4679 Quantitative Data on the Fire Behavior of Combustible Materials Found in Nuclear Power Plants: A Literature Review
NUREG/CR-4680 Heat and Mass Release for Some Transient Fuel Source Fires: A Test Report
NUREG/CR-4681 Enclosure Environment Characterization Testing for the Base Line Validation of Computer Fire Simulation Codes
NUREG/CR-4736 Combustion Aerosols Formed During Burning of Radioactively Contaminated Materials, Experimental Results
NUREG/CR-4829 Shipping Container Response to Severe Highway and Railway Accident Conditions
NUREG/CR-4830 MELCOR Validation and Verification: 1986 Papers
NUREG/CR-4839 Methods for External Event Screening Quantification: Risk Methods Integration and Evaluation Program (RMIEP) Methods Development
NUREG/CR-4840 Procedures for the External Event Core Damage Frequency Analyses for NUREG-1150
NUREG/CR-4855 Development and Application of a Computer Model for Large-Scale Flame Acceleration Experiments
NUREG/CR-4905 Detonability of H2-Air-Diluent Mixtures
NUREG/CR-5037 Fire Environment Determination in the LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant Control Rroom
NUREG/CR-5079 Experimental Results Pertaining to the Performance of Thermal Igniters
NUREG/CR-5233 A Computer Code for Fire Protection and Risk Analysis of Nuclear Plants
NUREG/CR-5275 FLAME Facility: The Effect of Obstacles and Transverse Venting on Flame Acceleration and Transition to Detonation for Hydrogen-Air Mixtures at Large Scale
NUREG/CR-5281 Value/Impact Analyses of Accident Preventive and Mitigative Options for Spent Fuel Pools
NUREG/CR-5384 A Summary of Nuclear Power Plant Fire Safety Research at Sandia National Laboratories, 1975-1987
NUREG/CR-5457 A Review of the Three Mile Island-1 Probabilistic Risk Assessment
NUREG/CR-5525 Hydrogen-Air-Diluent Detonation Study for Nuclear Reactor Safety Analyses
NUREG/CR-5546 An Investigation of the Effects of Thermal Aging on, the Fire Damageability of Electric Cables
NUREG/CR-5580 Evaluation of Generic Issue 57
NUREG/CR-5619 The Impact of Thermal Aging on the Flammability of Electric Cables
NUREG/CR-5655 Submergence and High-Temperature Steam Testing of Class 1E Electrical Cables
NUREG/CR-5669 Evaluation of Exposure Limits to Toxic Gases for Nuclear Reactor Control Room Operators
NUREG/CR-5789 Risk Evaluation for a Westinghouse PWR, Effects of Fire Protection System Actuation on Safety-Related Equipment: Evaluation of Generic Issue 57
NUREG/CR-5790 Risk Evaluation for a B&W Pressurized Water Reactor, Effects of Fire Protection System Actuation on Safety-Related Equipment: Evaluation of Generic Issue 57
NUREG/CR-5791 Risk Evaluation for a General Electric BWR, Effects of Fire Protection System Actuation on Safety-Related Equipment: Evaluation of Generic Issue 57
NUREG/CR-6017 Fire Modeling of the Heiss Dampf Reaktor Containment
NUREG/CR-6042 Perspectives on Reactor Safety
NUREG/CR-6095 Aging, Loss-of-Coolant Accident (LOCA), and High Potential Testing of Damaged Cables
NUREG/CR-6173 A Summary of the Fire Testing Program at the German HDR Test Facility
NUREG/CR-6213 High-Temperature Hydrogen-Air- Steam Detonation Experiments in the BNL Small-Scale Development Apparatus
NUREG/CR-6220 An Assessment of Fire Vulnerability for Aged Electrical Relays
NUREG/CR-6358 Assessment of United States Industry Structural Codes and Standards for Application to Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors
NUREG/CR-6384 Literature Review of Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Electric Cables
NUREG/CR-6406 Environmental Testing of an Experimental Digital Safety Channel
NUREG/CR-6410 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility Accident Analysis Handbook
NUREG/CR-6476 Circuit Bridging of Components by Smoke
NUREG/CR-6479 Technical Basis for Environmental Qualification of Microprocessor-Based Safety-Related Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/CR-6509 The Effect of Initial Temperature on Flame Acceleration and Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition Phenomenon
NUREG/CR-6524 The Effect of Lateral Venting on Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Hydrogen-Air-Steam Mixtures at Various Initial Temperatures
NUREG/CR-6530 Deliberate Ignition of Hydrogen-Air-Steam Mixtures in Condensing Steam Environments
NUREG/CR-6543 Effects of Smoke on Functional Circuits
NUREG/CR-6544 A Methodology for Analyzing Precursors to Earthquake-Initiated and Fire-Initiated Accident Sequences
NUREG/CR-6597 Results and Insights on the Impact of Smoke on Digital Instrumentation and Control
NUREG/CR-6681 Ampacity Derating and Cable Functionality for Raceway Fire Barriers
NUREG/CR-6738 Risk Methods Insights Gained from Fire Incidents
NUREG/CR-6752 A Comparative Analysis of Special Treatment Requirements for Systems, Structures, and Components (SSCs) of Nuclear Power Plants with Commercial Requirements of Non-Nuclear Power Plants