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Thursday, November 29, 2018

NSTS Annual Inventory Reconciliation – NEW PROCESS!!

The NSTS Annual Inventory Reconciliation (AIR) is just around the corner, and the NRC is using a new virtually paperless process this year. That's right, the NRC is going GREEN! All licensees should have received a letter from the NRC with information on this new process.

What you need to know: You will NOT be receiving a paper inventory from the NRC this year. Instead, you must REQUEST your inventory from the NSTS Help Desk. To request the inventory, you must be on file with the NRC as an NSTS contact for your license.

  1. Contact the NSTS Help Desk via email ( or phone (1-877-671-6787) Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET.
  2. Request your inventory (inventory can be requested as early as December 1st and should be requested no LATER than January 10th).
  3. The NSTS Help Desk will send you an inventory package by SECURE email, containing everything you need to complete the 2019 AIR.
  4. NOTE: You will need to CALL the NSTS Help Desk to get the password to unlock the inventory file.
  5. The inventory confirmation is a PDF fillable form which can be submitted by email!

What can you do NOW to prepare?

  1. If you have applied for online access, make sure that you have taken the 2nd step in the process. Following the initial approval, a second message comes from which directs you to go back to the Portfolio Enrollment Module (PEM) and select your One Time Password. If you haven't done this, and didn't see the email, SEARCH your email for this SENDER: and also SEARCH your JUNK mail folder! It is important to complete this 2nd step in the process!
  2. Ensure you have submitted any missing transaction reports so your NSTS inventory is accurate and you won't have to make changes during the reconciliation.
  3. If you HAVE online access, pull out your One Time Password and make sure you can login. If you forgot your PIN, contact the NSTS Help Desk to get it reset.
  4. Relax and enjoy the holidays! Be ready to confirm your NSTS inventory starting on January 1st!

If you have any questions about the reconciliation process, take a look at our NSTS annual inventory reconciliation website which includes some FAQs. Didn't get your questions answered? Contact us through the NSTS Help Desk by email ( or phone (1-877-671-6787).

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