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Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Inventory Reconciliation (AIR)

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What is the Annual Inventory Reconciliation?

The NRC and Agreement State regulations require licensees to reconcile their physical source inventories with the source inventory in the NSTS annually each January. Licensees can complete this process through the online application or by fax, email, or mail. The NRC is encouraging all licensees to complete their annual inventory reconciliation through the online application.

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What if I will not be able to get online access in time to do my Annual Inventory Reconciliation online?

Each licensee will receive an Annual Inventory Reconciliation package. This package will contain all of the necessary information to complete AIR online or manually.

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How do I confirm my inventory or make corrections?

Licensees can confirm their inventory online. Licensees without online access will use the inventory report from NSTS to verify it reflects what is in their physical source inventory. If there is a discrepancy in the report, licensees must make the correction and submit it to the Help Desk along with any supporting documentation (i.e., Form 748s if adding or removing a source from the inventory; a source certificate if changing the source serial number, model number, or manufacturer; a copy of the license or license amendment if changing the RSO or address). A correction cover sheet is in the AIR package for your convenience. Once the Help Desk has made the correction, they will notify you it is complete. A new inventory package will be mailed or emailed. Once the licensee has confirmed the sources in the NSTS inventory are the sources in the physical inventory, they must sign the Annual Inventory Reconciliation report in the designated area, and fax, email, or mail it back to the Help Desk. Once the Help Desk receives the confirmation of Annual Inventory Reconciliation, they will enter the reconciliation information on behalf of the licensees.

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Is there additional training to learn how to do the annual inventory reconciliation?

The Resources for On-line Reporting page has computer based training modules for each system function in NSTS, including one for the Annual Inventory Reconciliation. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk: (1-877-671-6787; NSTS.Help@nrc.gov).

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By what date does the Annual Inventory Reconciliation process need to be completed?

The deadline for completion is January 31st. If you do not have online access to the system, and you have not received an AIR package by January 10, please contact the Help Desk to request it at 1-877-671-6787 or by email NSTS.Help@nrc.gov.

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What if sources in an inventory correction do not match what was on the initial report, due to source transfers and receipts that occur during the month of January?

This may occur, since any newly generated inventory report will be up-to-date with current transactions. As long as the information is correct as of the date on the inventory report, licensees should complete the reconciliation.

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Why did I receive an inventory package if I don't have any sources physically in my possession?

This may occur if sources were transferred in late December resulting in the licensee having no above threshold sources remaining in their inventory. Due to the volume of licensees in NSTS, quality assurance standards, and security measures, the inventory reports are prepared during the last two weeks of December. The pre-generation of inventory reports ensures that licensees receive the correct source inventory and also allows licensees the maximum amount of time in January to complete their inventory reconciliation.

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What do I do if I didn't receive an Annual Inventory Reconciliation package?

If you have not received an AIR package by January 10, please contact the Help Desk to request it at 1-877-671-6787 or by email NSTS.Help@nrc.gov.

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When are the Annual Inventory Reconciliation packages generated and sent out?

The inventory reports that are included in the AIR packages are prepared during the last two weeks of December. This gives us adequate time to run the reports, prepare the packages and Q&A them prior to sending them out. Packages are then sent out close to the end of December/beginning of January. This ensures that licensees receive a more accurate source inventory that reflects the latest transactions and ensures that licensees don't complete their reconciliation before January.

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